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150 East Washington Street
Rogersville, TN 37857
(423) 272-7359

Hawkins County Legislative Body

Number of Commissioners: 14
Number of Commission Districts: 7
County Legislative Meeting Information: 6:00 p.m. - 4th Monday each month. The December & May meeting will vary due to Memorial & Christmas holidays.

Hawkins County Demographics

Year Originated: 1786
County Structure: Traditional
Development District: First Tennessee Development District
Judicial District: 3
2020 Population: 56,721
2020 Population per Square Mile: 116.47
2010 Population: 56,833
County Road Miles: 874.61
Number of Parcels: 39,799

Incorporated Cities or Towns: Bulls Gap (738), Church Hill (6737), Kingsport (51274), Mount Carmel (5429), Rogersville (4420), Surgoinsville (1801)
County Mayor Jim R Lee (423)272-7359
Hwy Chief Admin Off Lowell B Bean (423)272-7370
Administrator of Elections Crystal B. Rogers (423) 272-8061
Assessor of Property David Pearson (423) 272-8505
Circuit Court Clerk Randy L Collier (423) 272-3397
Clerk & Master Brent Price (423) 272-8150
County Clerk Nancy A Davis (423) 272-7002
Director of Schools Matt Hixson (423) 272-7629
General Sessions Court Judge J. Todd Ross
Juvenile Court Judge Daniel G. Boyd
Juvenile Court Judge Juvenile Court Judge (423) 272-2904
Register of Deeds Judy C Kirkpatrick (423) 272-8304
Sheriff Ronald L Lawson (423) 272-4848
Trustee James L Shanks (423) 272-7022
County Commissioner Danny C Alvis (423)754-7300
County Commissioner Nancy L Barker (423)754-5446
County Commissioner Benny J Barrett (423)272-8841
County Commissioner Ricky L Brewer (865)712-3978
County Commissioner George Thomas Bridwell (423)502-4175
County Commissioner Larry L Clonce (423)272-2242
County Commissioner Glenda G Davis (423) 272-4514
County Commissioner Mark A Dewitte
County Commissioner Bob D Edens (423)231-8747
County Commissioner William Dawson Fields
County Commissioner G. Keith Keith Gibson (423)571-1180
County Commissioner Valerie L Goins (423)345-3817
County Commissioner Michael J Herrell (423)754-5405
County Commissioner Charles H Housewright Jr (423)817-5357
County Commissioner Raymond E Jessee (423)357-6943
County Commissioner Thomas E Kern
County Commissioner Jason Roach
County Commissioner Hannah E Speaks (423)523-4351
County Commissioner Jimmy Don Talley (423)327-0963
County Commissioner Charles K Thacker (423)612-7212
County Commissioner Syble Vaughan Trent (423)956-7327

CTAS Consultants

County Government Consultant: Rick Hall
Environmental Consultant: Kim Raia
Assessor Consultant: Gabe Looney
Criminal Justice Consultant: John Rose
Jail Administration Consultant: Jim Hart