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1 N. Washington
Brownsville, TN 38012
(731) 772-1432

Haywood County Legislative Body

Number of Commissioners: 20
Number of Commission Districts: 10
County Legislative Meeting Information: 6:00 p.m. - 3rd Monday of each month except - No meeting in April, August, and December.

Haywood County Demographics

Year Originated: 1823
County Structure: Traditional
Development District: Southwest Tennessee Development District
Judicial District: 28
2020 Population: 17,864
2020 Population per Square Mile: 33.52
2010 Population: 18,787
County Road Miles: 533.00
Number of Parcels: 11,426

Incorporated Cities or Towns: Brownsville (10292), Stanton (452)

Haywood County Legal Authority

Fiscal Procedures Law: General Law
Budgeting Law: General Law
Purchasing Law: County Purchasing Law of 1983
County Mayor David M Livingston (731)772-1432
Hwy Chief Admin Off Perry Davis (731)772-9423
Administrator of Elections Andrea Smothers (731) 772-1760
Assessor of Property Gwen Watson (731) 772-0432
Circuit Court Clerk Mary Margaret Lonon (731) 772-1112
Clerk & Master Sarah Levy (731) 772-0122
County Clerk Sonya K Castellaw (731) 772-2362
Director of Schools Joey Hassell (731) 772-9613
Finance/Budget Director Laura Thornton (731) 772-1432
General Sessions Court Judge J. Roland Reid (731) 772-2176
Register of Deeds Steven L Smith (731) 772-0332
Sheriff Billy H Garrett Jr (731) 772-6158
Trustee William L Howse (731) 772-1722
County Commissioner Joe P Barden IV (731)780-8717
County Commissioner Becky S Booth (731)772-0246
County Commissioner Ronald Droke Bruce
County Commissioner Christan J Byars
County Commissioner James Link Carlton
County Commissioner James Wallace Eubanks (731)772-5486
County Commissioner Robert T Green (731) 772-3192
County Commissioner Sharon L Hayes
County Commissioner Leonard Jones Jr 731-772-0440
County Commissioner John Walker King
County Commissioner Steven D King
County Commissioner James E Morgan 731 780-4473
County Commissioner Alan M O'quin 731 779-9846
County Commissioner Dell Phillips
County Commissioner Chris A Richards (901) 833-5978
County Commissioner Jeffery Richmond (731)548-2359
County Commissioner Janice Y Rogers 731 772-9564
County Commissioner Mary Ann Ann Sharpe (731) 277-9320
County Commissioner Larry Gene Stanley (731)772-4904
County Commissioner Joe E Stephens (731) 780-2260
Highway Commissioner James Houston Boyd (731) 548-6588
Highway Commissioner Charles Ware Lonon

CTAS Consultants

County Government Consultant: Kelsey Schweitzer
Environmental Consultant: Mike Stooksberry
Assessor Consultant: Joe Griffin
Criminal Justice Consultant: John Rose
Jail Administration Consultant: Jim Hart