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P.O. Box 366
Erin, TN 37061
(931) 289-3633

Houston County Demographics

Year Originated: 1871
County Structure: Traditional
Development District: Greater Nashville Regional Council
Judicial District: 23
2020 Population: 8,283
2020 Population per Square Mile: 41.42
2010 Population: 8,426
County Road Miles: 322.00
Number of Parcels: 6,424

Incorporated Cities or Towns: Erin (1324), Tennessee Ridge (1368)

Houston County Legal Authority

Fiscal Procedures Law: General Law
Budgeting Law: General Law, Private Acts of 1939 Chapter 220
Purchasing Law: County Purchasing Law of 1983
Houston County Private Acts
County Mayor James K Bridges (931) 289-3633
Hwy Chief Admin Off Teresa Alsobrooks (931) 289-4151
Administrator of Elections Annette H. Pulley (931) 289-3047
Assessor of Property Joy Hooper (931) 289-3929
Circuit Court Clerk Donna S Vincent (931) 289-4673
Clerk & Master Patsy Brooks (931) 289-3870
County Attorney Markley Runyon (931) 289-5900
County Clerk Robert R Brown (931) 289-3141
Director of Schools Cathy Harvey (931) 289-4148
General Sessions Court Judge William S. Vinson III (931) 289-3950
Register of Deeds Sherrill P Moore (931) 289-3510
Sheriff Kevin L Sugg (931) 289-4613
Solid Waste Director Gary Coppedge (931) 289-3633
Trustee Jimmy D Lowery (931) 289-4240
Number of Commissioners: 14
Number of Commission Districts: 7
County Legislative Meeting Information: 7:00 p.m. - 3rd Monday every other month

County Commissioner William C Agy
County Commissioner Glen Baggett
County Commissioner Joey Dee Brake (931) 289-3371
County Commissioner Ann M Fielder (931) 494-6883
County Commissioner Randall L French
County Commissioner Joe S Hall
County Commissioner Tony L Hayes Jr
County Commissioner Charles Darrell Kingsmill (931) 289-4067
County Commissioner Brant E Lamastus (931) 289-2220
County Commissioner Christopher R Pitts
County Commissioner Vickie L Reedy (931) 289-4921
County Commissioner Howard Y Spurgeon (931) 721-2340
County Commissioner Lance S Uffelman
County Commissioner Daniel W Warren
Highway Commissioner Phil J. Averitt
Highway Commissioner George Clark (931) 289-3633
Highway Commissioner Larry W. Sykes

CTAS Consultants

County Government Consultant: Wesley Robertson
Environmental Consultant: Mike Stooksberry
Assessor Consultant: Joe Griffin
Criminal Justice Consultant: John Rose
Jail Administration Consultant: Jim Hart