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P.O. Box 789
Jasper, TN 37347
(423) 942-2552

Marion County Legislative Body

Number of Commissioners: 15
Number of Commission Districts: 5
County Legislative Meeting Information: 6:30 p.m. - 4th Monday each month

Marion County Demographics

Year Originated: 1817
County Structure: Traditional
Development District: Southeast Tennessee Development District
Judicial District: 12
2020 Population: 28,837
2020 Population per Square Mile: 57.67
2010 Population: 28,237
County Road Miles: 342.75
Number of Parcels: 21,760

Incorporated Cities or Towns: Chattanooga (167674), Jasper (3323), Kimball (1395), Monteagle (1192), New Hope (1082), Orme (126), Powells Crossroads (1322), South Pittsburg (2992), Whitwell (1699)

Marion County Legal Authority

Fiscal Procedures Law: General Law
Budgeting Law: General Law
Purchasing Law: County Purchasing Law of 1983
County Mayor Mr. George David Jackson Jr (423)942-2552
Hwy Chief Admin Off James H Hawk (423)942-2581
Administrator of Elections Kyra Inglis (423) 942-2108
Assessor of Property Darrell Pittman (423) 942-3494
Circuit Court Clerk Lonna D Henderson (423) 942-2134
Clerk & Master Paige Mashburn (423) 942-2601
County Clerk Dwight Franklin Minter (423) 942-2515
Director of Schools Mark Griffith (423) 942-3434
General Sessions Court Judge Marshall A. Raines Jr. (423) 942-2134
Juvenile Court Judge Ronnie J. Blevins II (423) 942-9444
Register of Deeds Debbie Pittman (423) 942-2573
Sheriff Ronnie Glenn Burnett (423) 942-2525
Trustee Ms. Bertha D Massengale (423) 942-2681
County Commissioner Mr. Ralph David Abbott
County Commissioner Don E Adkins Jr
County Commissioner Donald E Blansett
County Commissioner Mr. Matthew W Blansett
County Commissioner Mr. Joe E Blevins Jr (423)488-4586
County Commissioner Kenneth R Cookston 423-942-2134
County Commissioner Steven Franklin (423) 290-8391
County Commissioner Mr. Roger D Grayson
County Commissioner Robert Eugene Hargis (423)942-2525
County Commissioner Mr. Robert Allen Kirk
County Commissioner Jimmy W Nunley (423)593-8058
County Commissioner Gary Reames (423) 837-9873
County Commissioner Ledger Mack Reeves
County Commissioner Kenneth E Skiles (423)658-2941
County Commissioner Tommy Thompson (423) 942-5718

CTAS Consultants

County Government Consultant: Heather Duncan
Environmental Consultant: Kim Raia
Assessor Consultant: Gabe Looney
Criminal Justice Consultant: John Rose
Jail Administration Consultant: Jim Hart