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P.O. Box 435
Jacksboro, TN 37757
(423) 562-2526

Campbell County Legislative Body

Number of Commissioners: 15
Number of Commission Districts: 5
County Legislative Meeting Information: 6:00 p.m. - 3rd Monday each month

Campbell County Demographics

Year Originated: 1806
County Structure: Traditional
Development District: East Tennessee Development District
Judicial District: 8
2020 Population: 39,272
2020 Population per Square Mile: 81.82
2010 Population: 40,716
County Road Miles: 687.54
Number of Parcels: 30,118

Incorporated Cities or Towns: Caryville (2297), Jacksboro (2020), Jellico (2355), LaFollette (7456), Rocky Top (1781)

Campbell County Legal Authority

Fiscal Procedures Law: County Financial Management System of 1981
Budgeting Law: County Financial Management System of 1981
Purchasing Law: County Financial Management System of 1981
County Mayor E.L. Morton (423)562-2526
Hwy Chief Admin Off Ron Dilbeck (423)562-3404
Administrator of Elections Ann Ayers-Colvin (423) 562-9777
Assessor of Property Brandon Partin (423) 562-3201
Circuit Court Clerk Bobby W Vann (423) 562-2624
Clerk & Master Dennis Potter (423) 562-3496
County Clerk Alene Baird (423) 562-4985
Director of Schools Donald R Poston (423) 562-8377
General Sessions Court Judge Amanda Sammons (423) 562-6020
Register of Deeds Wilma J Turner
Sheriff Robert K Goins (423) 562-7446
Trustee Monty Bullock (423) 562-5185
County Commissioner Charles E Baird (423)562-0970
County Commissioner Dewayne Thomas Baird (423)871-2635
County Commissioner Johnny W Bruce (865)617-1495
County Commissioner Ralph Davis (423)494-8832
County Commissioner Carl B Douglas
County Commissioner Whit S Goins (423)562-1896
County Commissioner Robert L Higginbotham (423) 494-2402
County Commissioner Tyler L King (423)201-7528
County Commissioner Scott J Kitts (423)201-5871
County Commissioner Clifford E Kohlmeyer (865)617-5679
County Commissioner Lisa S Lester (423)871-0230
County Commissioner Zachary T Marlow (423)494-6769
County Commissioner Marilyn S Nance (423)562-6151
County Commissioner Rusty Orick (423)437-1395
County Commissioner John S Stanfield (423)912-2291

CTAS Consultants

County Government Consultant: Kaley Walker
Environmental Consultant: Kim Raia
Assessor Consultant: Gabe Looney
Criminal Justice Consultant: John Rose
Jail Administration Consultant: Jim Hart