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County Officials Certificate Training Program


The County Officials Certificate Training Program (COCTP) is a comprehensive training program administered by the University of Tennessee (UT) County Technical Assistance Service (CTAS). COCTP is designed to provide specialized, office-specific, technical, administrative, managerial, and leadership training to elected officials and their employees. The goal is to help them run their office more efficiently and effectively. It also offers a comprehensive knowledge of the inner workings of county government. CTAS believes that having a broader understanding of county government operations will help officials and their employees serve their constituencies better. In short, graduates of COCTP will obtain a thorough knowledge of county government and will be designated as Certified Public Administrators.

Program Fees

$300 Enrollment Fee

A one-time fee paid to enroll in the COCTP. Participants may enroll using k@te (the CTAS training environment). COCTP course credit will only be given for courses completed within 180 days of enrollment fee payment.

$300 Capstone Fee

A one-time fee paid to attend the Capstone event of the COCTP. You will receive an invitation from CTAS notifying you of your eligibility.

$100 Annual Recertification Fee

A yearly fee assessed to all officials and employees who obtain the Certified Public Administrator designation. It is valid for one year and must be paid by September 1st of each year. This fee is waived during the first year of recertification due to attendance at the Capstone event.

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For questions or comments, contact the CTAS training staff:

(615) 532-3555