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P.O. Box 710
Dandridge, TN 37725
(865) 397-3800

Jefferson County Demographics

Year Originated: 1792
County Structure: Traditional
Development District: East Tennessee Development District
Judicial District: 4
2020 Population: 54,683
2020 Population per Square Mile: 199.57
2010 Population: 51,407
County Road Miles: 697.54
Number of Parcels: 34,670

Incorporated Cities or Towns: Baneberry (482), Dandridge (2812), Jefferson City (8490), New Market (1334), White Pine (2196)
County Mayor Mark L Potts (865)397-3800
Hwy Chief Admin Off Charles H. Tipton (865)397-2155
Administrator of Elections Charles Gibson (865) 397-3440
Assessor of Property Susan Gass (865) 397-3326
Circuit Court Clerk Kevin C Poe (865) 397-2786
Clerk & Master Nancy C. Humbard (865) 397-2404
County Clerk Frank C Herndon (865) 397-2935
Director of Schools Dr. Charles Edmonds (865) 397-3194
Finance/Budget Director Langdon Potts (865) 397-4922
General Sessions Court Judge Dennis “Will” Roach II (865) 397-2911
Register of Deeds Max E Stiner Jr (865) 397-2918
Trustee Jennifer D Hall (865) 607-7751
Number of Commissioners: 21
Number of Commission Districts: 10
County Legislative Meeting Information: 6:30 p.m. 3rd Monday in January, March, April, June, July, September, October and November

County Commissioner Randy L Bales (865)640-5269
County Commissioner Randy L Baxley (865)674-6103
County Commissioner Robert K Blevins III (865)296-5021
County Commissioner Gregory Dean Byrd (865)599-7707
County Commissioner James E Carmichael (865)755-4232
County Commissioner Ronny J Coleman (865)509-5721
County Commissioner Terry G Dockery (865)776-4804
County Commissioner Stephen Michael Douglas (865)397-0650
County Commissioner Ralph E Eslinger (865)740-8565
County Commissioner Nancy K Huffaker (865)397-0650
County Commissioner Spencer T Kesterson (865)397-8596
County Commissioner Mrs. Edna S. Langley (865)475-1197
County Commissioner Paul W Lowe (865)765-0286
County Commissioner Jimmy Dale Patterson (865)583-9121
County Commissioner Michael W Phagan
County Commissioner Marcus T Reed (865) 475-5636
County Commissioner John Neal Scarlett (865)397-0650
County Commissioner Timothy Albert Seals (865)789-4060
County Commissioner Sammy D Solomon (865)740-7928
County Commissioner Hilda R Thomas (865)475-6725
County Commissioner Anthony J Walker (423)273-9817
Highway Commissioner Brenda Morgan (865) 340-2558
Highway Commissioner Joe R Simpson
Highway Commissioner Joel T Smith
Highway Commissioner James W Woods

CTAS Consultants

County Government Consultant: Rick Hall
Environmental Consultant: Kim Raia
Assessor Consultant: Gabe Looney
Criminal Justice Consultant: John Rose
Jail Administration Consultant: Jim Hart