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P.O. Box 368
Clarksville, TN 37040
(931) 648-5787

Montgomery County Legislative Body

Number of Commissioners: 21
Number of Commission Districts: 21
County Legislative Meeting Information: 7:00 p.m. - 2nd Monday of each month

Montgomery County Demographics

Year Originated: 1796
County Structure: Traditional
Development District: Greater Nashville Regional Council
Judicial District: 19
2020 Population: 220,069
2020 Population per Square Mile: 408.29
2010 Population: 172,331
County Road Miles: 745.54
Number of Parcels: 78,245

Incorporated Cities or Towns: Clarksville (132929)

Montgomery County Legal Authority

Fiscal Procedures Law: Fiscal Control Acts of 1957
Budgeting Law: Fiscal Control Acts of 1957
Purchasing Law: Fiscal Control Acts of 1957
County Mayor Jim W Durrett (931)648-5787
Administrator of Elections Elizabeth Black (931) 648-5707
Assessor of Property Erinne J. Hester 931-648-5709
Circuit Court Clerk Ms. Wendy J Davis (931) 648-7680
Clerk & Master Michael W. Dale (931) 648-5703
County Clerk Kellie A Jackson (931) 648-5711
Director of Schools Dr. B.J. Worthington (931) 920-7808
General Sessions Court Judge Ken Goble (931) 648-5766
General Sessions Court Judge Ray Grimes 931-648-5766
General Sessions Court Judge Wayne Shelton 931-648-5766
Hwy Chief Admin Off Jeffery Bryant (931) 648-5740
Juvenile Court Judge Tim Barnes 931-648-5766
Register of Deeds Connie E Gunnett (931) 648-5713
Sheriff John S Fuson (931) 648-0611
Trustee Kimberly B Wiggins (931) 401-6871
County Commissioner Jerry W Allbert (931) 206-1500
County Commissioner Randy Allbert (931) 648-2377
County Commissioner Joshua D Beal (931)614-5969
County Commissioner Loretta J Bryant (931)647-1077
County Commissioner Brandon L Butts 931 905-0645
County Commissioner Carmelle M Chandler (931)401-6959
County Commissioner Joe L Creek (931)648-2930
County Commissioner John M Gannon (931) 552-0110
County Commissioner David L Harper
County Commissioner Garland V Johnson (931)206-7077
County Commissioner Charles D Keene (931)552-3311
County Commissioner Rashidah A Leverett (931)820-0233
County Commissioner James R Lewis (931)648-8603
County Commissioner Lisa Laurie Prichard (931)494-0260
County Commissioner Christopher David Rasnic (931)624-3786
County Commissioner Rickey Ray (931)494-0868
County Commissioner Larry A Rocconi Jr 931 645-1245
County Commissioner Robert R. Sigler (931) 302-8548
County Commissioner Joseph D Smith (931)320-4289
County Commissioner Tangi C Smith
County Commissioner Walker R Woodruff (931)237-3471

CTAS Consultants

County Government Consultant: Wesley Robertson
Environmental Consultant: Mike Stooksberry
Assessor Consultant: Joe Griffin
Criminal Justice Consultant: John Rose
Jail Administration Consultant: Jim Hart