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228 East Main Street Room 104
Lebanon, TN 37087
(615) 444-1383

Wilson County Legislative Body

Number of Commissioners: 25
Number of Commission Districts: 25
County Legislative Meeting Information: 7:00 p.m. - 3rd Monday of each month

Wilson County Demographics

Year Originated: 1799
County Structure: Traditional
Development District: Greater Nashville Regional Council
Judicial District: 15
2020 Population: 147,737
2020 Population per Square Mile: 258.73
2010 Population: 113,993
County Road Miles: 842.73
Number of Parcels: 60,608

Incorporated Cities or Towns: Lebanon (32732), Mt. Juliet (28159), Watertown (1477)

Wilson County Legal Authority

Fiscal Procedures Law: County Financial Management System of 1981
Budgeting Law: County Financial Management System of 1981
Purchasing Law: County Financial Management System of 1981
County Mayor Randall Hutto (615) 444-1383
Hwy Chief Admin Off Steve Murphy (615)444-9022
Administrator of Elections Mr. Phillip warren (615) 444-0216
Assessor of Property Stephen Goodall (615) 405-9310
Circuit Court Clerk Deborah B Moss (615) 444-2042
Clerk & Master Millie Sloan (615) 444-2835
County Clerk James H Goodall (615) 444-0314
Director of Schools Donna Wright (615) 444-3282
General Sessions Court Judge Haywood Barry (615) 444-7146
General Sessions Court Judge Ensley Hagan Jr. (615) 445-5551
General Sessions Court Judge Barry Tatum (615) 444-9537
Register of Deeds Jackie A Murphy (615) 804-9227
Sheriff Robert C Bryan (615) 444-1412
Trustee James H Major (615) 444-0894
County Commissioner H Terry Ashe
County Commissioner Chad E Barnard (615)474-6552
County Commissioner Joy Bishop
County Commissioner Lauren G Breeze (615)541-2119
County Commissioner Mr. Rick M Brown (615) 506-4828
County Commissioner Kevin J Costley (615)496-7419
County Commissioner Annette D Davis-Stafford
County Commissioner Christopher D Dowell (615)812-2972
County Commissioner Mr. Robert C Fields (615) 519-1819
County Commissioner Robert D Franklin (615) 896-4252
County Commissioner John P Gentry (615)689-3890
County Commissioner William A Glover III
County Commissioner Tommy Jones (615) 308-9629
County Commissioner Mr. Rusty Keith (615) 806-0061
County Commissioner Mike Kurtz (615)218-8014
County Commissioner J Wendell Marlowe
County Commissioner Jerry A McFarland
County Commissioner Sara B Patton (615)428-8593
County Commissioner Sonja L Robinson
County Commissioner Terry L Scruggs
County Commissioner Mr. Justin T Smith (615)517-0794
County Commissioner Elaine Sue Vanatta (615) 444-5503
County Commissioner Daniel R Walker Jr (615)557-8293
County Commissioner Diane G Weathers

CTAS Consultants

County Government Consultant: Wesley Robertson
Environmental Consultant:
Assessor Consultant:
Criminal Justice Consultant:
Jail Administration Consultant: