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County Officials Certificate Training Program

Below is a list of COCTP Choice Electives that are available through your k@te account. These classes will count for COCTP Choice Elective or recertification credit. 

Course Title Credits
Communicating about Culturally Sensitive Issues 1
Communicating with Confidence 1
Communication Skills 4
Public Relations: Communication with the Public 4
Writing in Plain English 2
Customer Service
Course Title Credits
Business Etiquette: Phone, Email, and Text 1
Customer Services 4
Customer Service Leadership 1
Customer Service: Handling Abusive Customers 1
Using Customer Surveys to Improve Service 1
Human Resources
Course Title Credits
Human Resources: Building a Performance Management System 1
Human Resources - Part 1 4
Human Resources - Part 2 5
Interviewing Techniques 1
Performance Management: Conducting Performance Reviews 1
Preventing Harassment in the Workplace 1
Strategic Human Resources 1
Working with Difficult People 2
Leadership & Management
Course Title Credits
Building High-Performance Teams 2
Coaching and Developing Employees 1
Common Meeting Problems 1
Creating a Positive and Healthy Work Environment 1
Delivering Bad News Effectively 1
Delivering Bad News to a Customer 1
Having Difficult Conversations 1
Inclusive Leadership 1
Inspirational Leadership 3
Lead Like a Boss 1
Leadership Strategies for Women 1
Leading without Formal Authority 1
Managing a Multigenerational Workforce 1
Managing for Results 1
Organizational Culture 1
Practicing Fairness as a Manager 1
Strategic Planning Foundations 1
Transformational Leadership 1
Personal Development
Course Title Credits
Being Your Own Fierce Self-Advocate 1
Conflict Management & Resolution Skills 4.5
Developing Your Professional Image 1
Discovering Your Strengths 1
Improving Your Focus 1
Managing Anxiety in the Workplace 1
Managing Depression in the Workplace 1
Managing Stress for Positive Change 1
Mental Health in the Workplace 4
Performing Under Pressure 1
Personal Effectiveness Tips 2.5
Thriving @ Work: Leveraging the Connection between Well-Being and Productivity 1
Time Management Fundamentals 3
Time Management: Working from Home 1
Course Title Credits
Creating Accessible PDFs 5
Learning Android Security 1
Learning Computer Security and Internet Safety 1
Learning Excel 2019 1
Learning iPhone and iPad Security 2
Learning Zoom 1
Outlook 2019 Essential Training 2


For questions or comments, contact the CTAS training staff:

(615) 532-3555