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Online Certificate Credit Transfers

About Online Certificate Credit Transfer

Participants enrolled in the County Officials Certificate Training Program must meet certain  requirements to be eligible for completion of the program. Among these criteria include earning 65 credits in two categories: 35 County Electives and 30 Choice Electives. Participants may earn these elective credits in many ways: in-person classes, virtual live classes, and self-paced online classes.

Participants who complete our online certificate programs are eligible to transfer a certain number of credits from the completed online certificate program. Number of eligible credits depends on the certificate program and type of COCTP elective credit.

If you are currently enrolled in COCTP and are looking for elective credits and have not yet completed one or more of our certificate programs, we encourage you to consider taking advantage of transferring credits.

If you are currently enrolled in one of the certificate programs and not yet enrolled in COCTP, we also encourage you to consider enrolling in COCTP. There is a one-time enrollment fee and other completion requirements aside from earning 65 credits and you can learn more on our COCTP page.

Certificate How Many Credits Count Toward COCTP Electives?
COCTP County Electives COCTP Choice Electives
County Administrative Professional
(requires 17 total credits)
1 16
Cybersecurity Awareness Training
(requires 12 total credits)
0 12
County Elected Officials Certificate
(requires 23.5 total credits)
13 10.5
Basic County Finance
(requires 10 total credits)
10 0


For questions or comments, contact the CTAS training staff:

(615) 532-3555