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Certified County Finance Officers Program (CCFO)

CCFO Class Policies

  1. Each participant is responsible for registering for each individual CCFO class using the online UT K@TE (Knowledge and Training Excellence) system. Seating for live classes may be limited and registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you do not get your desired class date and location, you are responsible for registering and attending an alternate class date and site.
  2. If you cannot attend or need to reschedule your registered CCFO live class date and location, you should contact CTAS support immediately at (615) 532-3555 to determine if seating is available on a different class date and location.
  3. You are responsible for bringing course materials and exercises to the live classes either manually or electronically.
  4. Two 25-question multiple choice and true/false test is given after each CCFO class before lunch and end of the day and a score of 70% or more is a passing grade. If you fail the test you will need to retest or attend a virtual or a different in-person CCFO makeup class later at a pre-scheduled date and time. CTAS charges a one-time retest fee of $50.
  5. Participants are limited to a maximum of three (3) tests for each class which includes the first test and two (2) retests. Retests may be administered either electronically or proctored in-person at the discretion of CTAS.
  6. There is NO comprehensive CCFO exam at the end of the program.
  7. In-person testing is not open book and is proctored. For in-person and online CCFO classes you are required to complete these tests as individuals. For both in-person and online testing you are not permitted to use your course materials or any electronic devices. Online tests are administered through your UT K@TE learning account and are timed for 50 minutes. Do not start the online test until you are ready to complete it in one sitting.
  8. Each individual CCFO course fee must be received by CTAS before we can post your class test scores to your UT K@TE account.
  9. Cheating is a serious infraction and will result in your immediate dismissal from the CCFO program. Any participant dismissed for cheating will be ineligible to reapply to the CCFO program or enroll in the MTAS CMFO program.
  10. You are encouraged to complete virtual or online self-paced CCFO courses each month as they become available. Online classes should be taken either in your office or at home wherever you can focus with minimal t interruptions.
  11. Access to your online CCFO course modules and test cannot be granted until CTAS has received payment for the course either by credit card or check. With a card payment access is granted within one business day.
  12. After you complete each individual CCFO course you will need to print a PDF copy of each class completion certificate from your UT K@TE account. At the end of the CCFO program the TN Comptroller’s Office requires you to electronically submit all 11 completed course certificates through your individual Comptroller’s CCFO online account.
  13. If you are a county or county board of education employee, you should file for reimbursement for your employer’s payment for each CTAS CCFO course fees and travel mileage. The reimbursements should be submitted within 30 days of completion of each course online with the Comptroller’s Office after the CCFO course fees have been paid to CTAS. You can submit reimbursement of expenses even if you do not pass.
  14. If you are a county or county board of education employee and need to travel to a class location other than your normal class site due to unavailable seating, illness, vacation, medical/family issues, or work deadlines the State Comptroller’s Office will reimburse your county for the mileage, lodging, and hotel per diem. When submitting your travel reimbursement to the Comptroller’s Office you will need to document your reasons for attending an alternate class location. Your travel expenses for the mileage, lodging and per diem should follow your county’s travel policies, or if there is no county travel policy then the State of TN travel regulations should be followed which can be found:
  15. For additional information regarding reimbursement of CTAS CCFO course fees and related travel expenses see the Tennessee Comptroller’s Office – Division of LGA website for the Policies and Procedures for the CCFO Program (revised July 2022) using the following link:
  16. Makeup classes for missed live CCFO classes will be periodically offered in a virtual or in-person class setting throughout the year rather than at the end of the program year. Live in-person CCFO makeup classes for Governmental Accounting I & II and Financial Reporting I & II will be scheduled at various locations based upon demand. Other missed in-person CCFO classes may be taught virtually.
  17. Each participant will be allowed to miss a maximum of two (2) live in-person CCFO courses which can be completed by attending a makeup class either in-person or virtually. For participants who fail to attend more than two in-person courses may need to complete the CCFO program with the next cohort.
  18. Each participant is responsible for contacting one of the CTAS CCFO Instructors to determine if you need to register and attend either a CCFO makeup class or schedule for an individual retest throughout the year.
  19. No regularly scheduled CCFO classes are planned for December and July. Depending upon demand certain CCFO virtual or in-person makeup classes may be offered during these two months. It is the student’s responsibility to keep track of their progress and to register, attend, and complete makeup classes.
  20. You must complete CCFO classes Governmental Accounting I & II and Financial Reporting I & II in sequential order. If you miss the first of these two sequential classes, you cannot attend the second class unless you are first pre-approved by a CCFO Instructor.
  21. You must complete all 11 CCFO courses within a three-year period beginning with the completion of your first course. Since CCFO cohort #5 (2024-2025) first class is February 2024, you must complete all 11 CCFO courses by February 2027.
  22. To defer completion of the CCFO program until the following cohort (program year), or drop from the CCFO program, please contact CTAS customer support, or enter directly at the CTAS website using the following link:
  23. Please notify CTAS support at (615) 532-3555 immediately for any changes to your contact information including your email, home address and current employer.


For questions or comments, contact the CTAS CCFO training staff:

(615) 532-3555