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Recent CTAS Virtual Training

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We have been working hard to bring alternative training opportunities to you during the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

On April 23, 2020, we held our very first instructor-led virtual training session. Kimberly Henry, CTAS Training Coordinator, delivered the course “We Need to Talk: Having Difficult Conversations in the Workplace” via Zoom. Approximately 33 people attended the session to learn about how to have difficult conversations in the work environment. This course identified how to positively and tactfully conduct tough conversations. Participants engaged interactively in the course through role-playing and other live activities.

Another way we are working to meet your training needs is through recorded online courses. At the end of April, two CTAS County Government Consultants – Wesley Robertson and Ben Rodgers – recorded an online course, The County Government Environment. This self-paced course will review the legal and financial structure of county government in Tennessee as well as the primary responsibilities of various county offices. It will offer 4 credit hours for our County Officials Certificate Training Program (COCTP). This course is available through k@te -- Register now and take it today!

We have also uploaded several courses from LinkedIn Learning into k@te. These courses will count for elective or recertification credit in COCTP. The list contains the name, number of credits available, and a description for each course. LinkedIn Learning courses are another way you can get the training you need when it is convenient for you.

Please keep your eyes open for more opportunities coming soon. Stay connected on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.