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Private Acts of 1943 Chapter 285

SECTION 1. That the Quarterly County Court of Lincoln County, in its discretion, is hereby authorized to employ and select a purchasing agent for said County. Said Quarterly County Court shall have the authority to prescribe the duties, fix the compensation, determine the amount of the official bond, and to prescribe for what departments of the county government said purchasing agent shall make purchases. The Quarterly County Court shall have the authority to require that all purchases of all departments of the county government, including the County Board of Education and the County Highway Department, as well as all other county agencies and offices, be made through the county purchasing agent, or, in its discretion, said Quarterly County Court shall be authorized to require purchases to be made by the county purchasing agent for only a part of the agencies and offices of said County to be designated by said Quarterly County Court.

Said Quarterly County Court of Lincoln County is further authorized and empowered to require all purchases in excess of an amount fixed by said Court to be made by sealed bids, after proper advertisement, and to prescribe the rules and regulations with reference thereto.

SECTION 2. That this Act shall take effect from and after its passage, the public welfare requiring it.

PASSED: February 2, 1943.