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⭐️ Public Service Recognition Week ⭐️ Rachel Ruble, CTAS Budget & HR Specialist

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Graphic with portrait of Rachel Ruble.

This #PSRW we are proud to partner with so many outstanding public servants. Each day this week, we will share individuals’ stories about why they work in public service. 

At CTAS, we are grateful to have such a wide variety of expertise and skills in our staff. Allow us to introduce Rachel Ruble, Budget & HR Specialist. Rachel works mostly behind the scenes, but her work is instrumental in keeping CTAS running. Read Rachel's story below:

The majority of my career has been spent in public service. I didn't originally plan to go into the public service field, but I was given an opportunity to step into an administrative assistant role at my first alma mater, Volunteer State Community College. It came at the perfect time, and I found myself enjoying the work thoroughly. It was nice to experience the other side of public higher education, as an employee, after living the experience as a student. I am very much a "puzzle" kind of person; the more pieces I can learn about, the more I am convinced there is a solution present, somewhere in the midst, just waiting to be discovered.

This experience, on the other side of the desk, was another puzzle piece collected, and further proof that education and public service were going to give purpose to a bigger part of my life. Shortly thereafter, I seized the chance to work as a recruiter in Admissions. Helping students from application to graduation was incredibly rewarding for me. I strongly believe that education, as well as public service, can open doors that might normally remain hidden.

Working for UT's County Technical Assistance Service has given me the chance to work in yet another capacity of education and public service-providing technical assistance and training opportunities to our counties' elected officials and employees, to promote better lives for Tennesseans. Now, I am blessed with helping others connect the pieces of the puzzle that is county government. I still believe that the more pieces we discover, the closer we are to unlocking solutions for local government.

Stay tuned this week as we hear from more great public servants!

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