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⭐️ Public Service Recognition Week ⭐️ Ben Rodgers, COAT Executive Director

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Graphic with portrait of Ben Rodgers

This #PSRW we are proud to partner with so many outstanding public servants. Each day this week, we will share individuals’ stories about why they work in public service. 

Associations like the County Officials Association of Tennessee (COAT) are important partnerships in public service. Today, we have the COAT Executive Director Ben Rodgers who is graciously sharing his personal story of public service. Read Ben's story below:

The local government level has the most impact on Tennessee citizens. Counties and cities provide the most jobs, impact infrastructure such as roads and bridges, and offer services to enhance the quality of life for its citizens. Serving counties was passed down to me from my uncle, Billy Rodgers, when I became a County Government Consultant for CTAS in 2005. I watched him and other CTAS counterparts serve with a passion and mission of helping county governments be better. I was inspired to do as CTAS had been doing for years. God put me on this earth to serve, and my purpose has been to assist county governments. The opportunity to serve elected officials that make up the County Officials Association of Tennessee is giving me a chance to do more on a broader spectrum. I hope to remove barriers, preventing county services from being successful. I am thankful for the chance to advocate for the COAT officials, along with all of county government. I want to partner with others to move county government forward and continue to make Tennessee one of the best states to live in.

Stay tuned this week as we hear from more great public servants!

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