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⭐️ Public Service Recognition Week ⭐️ Chandra McPherson, CTAS Training Consultant

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This #PSRW we are proud to partner with so many outstanding public servants. Each day this week, we will share individuals’ stories about why they work in public service.

We are rounding out this #PublicServiceRecognitionWeek with a newer voice at CTAS. Chandra joined us in 2023 as one of our training consultants. She works tirelessly to ensure our County Officials Certificate Training Program meets and exceeds our participants' needs. Read Chandra's story below:

My love for pursuing a career in public service ignited when I received my first Tennessee Blue Book in 1995. Delving into its pages, I discovered the intricate workings of Tennessee's government and the profound impact of public service on community welfare. 

As a previous educator, I witnessed firsthand the transformative power of education in shaping future leaders and fostering civic engagement. Now, as a training consultant for CTAS, I am privileged to contribute to the professional development of individuals committed to serving their communities in county government. Tennessee's government and public service landscape continue to inspire me, with its rich history, diverse population, and pressing social challenges. 

Each day, I am driven by a deep-seated belief in the potential of public service to effect positive change and uplift the lives of Tennesseans. Through education, training, and advocacy, I strive to empower others to become effective leaders and agents of progress in our great state.

Stay tuned this week as we hear from more great public servants!

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