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⭐️ Public Service Recognition Week ⭐️ Heather Duncan, CTAS County Government Consultant

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This #PSRW we are proud to partner with so many outstanding public servants. Each day this week, we will share individuals’ stories about why they work in public service. 

Heather Duncan, CTAS County Government Consultant, has been a public servant for three decades now -- starting in 1994 as the Coffee County Circuit Court Clerk. She has a valuable perspective since she has now worked on both sides of our world here at CTAS. We are grateful for Heather's court clerk experience as well as her bright and insightful outlook on accounting, finance, and all things county government.

Read Heather's story below:

I have heard it said many times that no government impacts its citizens as much as local government does. Although it doesn’t tend to get the attention that national and state government does, our city and county leaders provide our most important services and assist with our basic needs as citizens. 

As I look back on a career that spans almost thirty years in local government, I understand the truth in that statement and have observed it daily in my own service to people.  Holding the office of Circuit Court Clerk in Coffee County from 1994-2021, I had the awesome opportunity to serve the public and help those in need.  Although some days were exhausting, it was the most rewarding work I had ever done.

Many things changed from 1994-2021 – automation, efficiency, communication.  However, the thing that stayed the same was the opportunity to help the individual who walked into the office and stood at the counter with a question or a need. 

While I had a wonderful life centered in Coffee County, in 2021 CTAS gave me the opportunity to expand my horizon and travel around the state to help county government better serve its citizens.  Providing education and training to elected officials is an essential part of effective county government.  

Stay tuned this week as we hear from more great public servants!

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