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New Practice Guides and Recorded CTAS CPE Courses for CCFO, CMFO and CPAs Now Available!

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Three new guides are now available on the CTAS website reference page under the financial category.

Below is a brief overview of the guides:

  1. Fiscal Year End Closing Checklist - A step by step guide to the fiscal year end accounting closing process with some helpful tips on how to best prepare for your external auditors.
  2. Revenue Recognition Policy - This policy is a document which summarizes your processes and methodologies used to recognize revenue (when to record revenue and receivables).
  3. Subrecipient Monitoring Checklist - A sample checklist of how to document the information needed when federal grant funds are passed through to a subrecipient.

If you missed the departure of the CTAS CCFO/CMFO Summer 2022 training yacht, you could still cruise down the accounting river by viewing the FREE recorded versions below via K@te.

GASB 87 Leases

How to Plan for an Effective Fiscal Year-End Closing of Accounting Records

Local Government Finance New Debt Manual

Subrecipient Monitoring Requirements for Federal Grant Awards