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How COCTP Rollover Credits Work

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Participants enrolled in our County Officials Certificate Training Program (COCTP) must earn at least 16 credits every fiscal year to maintain their Certified Public Administrator designation. Participants may earn more than 16 credits. 

Any earned credits above 16 can be rolled over to the following fiscal year — credits that have previously been rolled over may not be rolled over again. 

Example: Bob earned 22 credits in FY2022 and he requested to rollover 6 earned credits to FY2023. In FY2023, Bob earned 18 credits. Bob’s FY2023 total credits is now 24, which includes the 6 previously rolled over credits from FY2022 and the 18 earned credits from FY2023. Because Bob had previously rolled over 6 credits and they cannot be rolled over again, he may only roll over 2 earned credits. Bob will start FY2024 with 2 rolled over credits. If Bob earns 16 credits in FY2024, he will have no credits eligible for rollover into FY2025.

Participants may roll over a maximum of eight (8) earned credits per fiscal year. 

Rolling over credits is not automatic; participants must submit a request either via email to, using the Rollover Request button on our Training webpage, or by using the blue Help button on the CTAS website.

Screenshot of our training homepage with a red border drawn around the COCTP rollover request link

Important things to understand about COCTP Rollover Credits:

Credits are calculated using earned credits (excluding any rollover credits) from the previous fiscal year.

Once credits are rolled into the current year, they are never counted towards rollover credits again.

Rollover credits can be requested at the beginning of each fiscal year, after July 1st.

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