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Stuck on what your responsibilities are regarding SBITAS - Subscription-Based Information Technology Agreements? Register now to be informed on what's the latest regarding GASB 96!

CTAS and MTAS are offering this free continuing professional education (CPE) course for CCFOs, CMFOs, and Certified Public Accountants. This will also qualify as COCTP recertification credit (not COCTP elective credit) There will be a virtual webcast via Zoom on August 8 and a recorded version for this course.

August 8 (9am-10:30am CT / 10am-11:30am ET)
GASB Statement No. 96 Subscription-Based Information Technology Agreements (SBITAs): Last Chance to Get Ready for FY 2023!

County and City Mayors, City Managers, Director of Schools, County Highway Officials, and others in local government management are responsible for accumulating all subscription-based information technology agreements (SBITAs) contract information for the FYE June 30, 2023. This course is designed to enable local government officials, budget/finance directors, and their staff better prepare for GASB Statement No. 96 SBITAs which is effective for FYE June 30, 2023. Beginning asset and related liability amounts must be calculated as of July 1, 2022 (FYE June 30, 2022). This course can help identify you the internal process of accumulating SBITA contract information and understand the accounting issues to be better prepared for your FY 2023 annual external audit. 

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