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Did You Know? Mental Wellness Matters (Part 3 of 3)

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5 Emotional Wellness Activities to Practice in The Workplace

This series has been prepared by Kim Henry, CTAS Training Consultant, and provides great information for improving mental wellness in the workplace. She offers many tips and insights that may assist you in ensuring your workplace supports mental wellness. 

  1.  ACT

ACT means Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Therapy, as such, can help diffuse workers from their emotions. ACT helps one space out oneself mentally and emotionally from certain events by focusing on their strength. It also helps with coping skills as to how not to take things personally. To practice this therapy in the workplace, you will need professionals to handle things with your workers.

  1. CBT

CBT stands for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This therapy helps people understand that the root of a problem is their thoughts and how they perceive it. For example, if we take challenges as an opportunity to learn more, it is no longer a problem. Like ACT, CBT also requires proper professionals in the workplace to practice this for significant results.

  1. MBSR

MSBR stands for Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. It helps one enhance mindfulness by teaching one how to live in the moment and be less reactive. To have this activity for your workers, you must have a professional oversee the activity.

  1. Take a Pause

It is important to detach oneself from work some days. This is because while working in a competitive business environment, one can get suffocated with work. A sensation as such can harm one’s mental health to a great extent.

Therefore, one must pause from time to time. It means having a timeout during a workday. Even taking a few days off can also help one as well in this regard.

  1. Laugh out Loud

Your workers must enjoy life and laugh it up with a jolly sense of life. Humor is a potent tool to overcome harsh times and reality. So, your workers must find out time to have fun and laugh at things. It can be looking at videos, sharing silly experiences, etc.

Conclusion of the series: The way we express our emotions is vital for everyone around us. It is because the way we express ourselves can harm us and also hurt the people around us. In this process, workers can also be the cause of an unhealthy working environment. This is a crucial matter as maintaining a proper workplace environment is vital in the workplace. The way one person behaves can affect the whole workforce. So, your workers must put effort into being emotionally healthy people. To cultivate this ever-important wellness, we take it that starting with our list of activities is the best way for your employees. Take your pick today!