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Did You Know? Mental Wellness Matters (Part 2 of 3)

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5 Emotional Wellness Activities to Practice in The Workplace

This series has been prepared by Kim Henry, CTAS Training Consultant, and provides great information for improving mental wellness in the workplace. She offers many tips and insights that may assist you in ensuring your workplace supports mental wellness. Stay tuned in August for more from this series!

  1. Gratitude List

Workers like everyone else should always be grateful for things going right. A sense of gratitude helps mask and cope with bad experiences. So, every worker must practice this good deed. Your workers should always write down three things they are grateful for throughout the day.

  1. Exercise

Practicing different exercises can also help with emotional well-being. Exercising releases hormones from your mind that boosts your mind. This “boost” helps one handle oneself better and push forward towards emotional stability. Here, you don’t have to get fully in the workout zone while being in the workplace. You can also practice simple office exercises to get the blood flowing in your physical body.

  1. Volunteer

Volunteering for different office activities is also suitable for emotional wellness. It brings out a sense of camaraderie with a team that makes one feel good. Furthermore, it can also be a fun way to divert the mind whenever necessary. It also helps bring a different perspective into your emotions after being away from it for a while.

  1. Social Activities

Since your workers spend a lot of time among themselves, they often form strong bonds of friendship. By workers spending time with their best mates in the office, they also feel good about themselves. It proves to be a healthy distraction from the competitive business world. In this regard, activities like office outings and office parties, have a great impact on emotional health.

  1. Talk it Out

Talking things out is crucial in maintaining proper mental and emotional health. Here, you must have employee counseling for workers to talk out things with professionals. Counseling will help workers get a different opinion on their emotions running wild. It helps cope with emotions better. Here, having a support group in the office will also work wonders.