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CTAS Says Goodbye to Legendary Frank McKee

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It is with great sadness that we share Frank McKee’s passing on July 29th. 

Frank was a key member of our staff, not only for his important legacy in economic development for Tennessee, but also for his instrumental work to secure sustainable funding for our agency.

CTAS was established in 1973 and received fixed appropriations from both counties and the state. In 1978, Frank persuaded Representative Shelby Reinhart to introduce legislation to allow counties to share in any growth of revenues received from TVA. To most everyone’s surprise, the bill passed. All 95 counties began receiving a share of these funds based on population, land area, and the amount of TVA property in their county. At first, it was not very much because counties were only sharing in the growth above the 1978 level. However, that would change. In the 2013 fiscal year, counties received over $100 million from this source. Imagine going over to today’s legislature and asking them to share $100 million with counties! CTAS and all 95 counties owe Frank a big thank you.

We would absolutely not be the agency we are without Frank’s dedication to public service. Rest in peace, Frank.

Photo of Frank McKee