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2023 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Requirements for CCFO Graduates

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CCFO graduates are required to complete 16 hours of annual continuing professional education (CPE) to maintain an active CCFO Certificate. The CPE requirements are effective for the first calendar year after your graduation. Future 2023 CCFO graduates are not required to complete the CPE requirements until 2024 calendar year.

Please carefully read the information found in the link below for the summary of the Comptroller's CPE requirements:

Summary of Comptroller's CCFO CPE Requirements

Please print all completed course certificates for submission to the Comptroller's Office for annual CCFO CPE reporting by December 31, 2023. This information should be filed with your CCFO online accounting with the Comptroller's Office and not CTAS or K@te account.

Comptroller's Office to Provide 16 Hours of Free CPE in 2023

The Comptroller's Office - Division of Local Government Audit is providing 16 hours of free CPE to CCFO graduates in 2023. Each CCFO attendee, or their employer, is responsible for the cost of meals, beverages, and other travel-related expenses. 

Below are the scheduled 2023 dates and locations:

Jackson (waitlist only)   

10/17/23 - 10/18/23

West TN Ag Research and Education Center
605 Airways Blvd., Jackson, TN 38301

Nashville (live and online)

10/25/23 - 10/26/23

UT IPS Training Facility
193 Polk Ave, Nashville, TN 37210