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Jail Policies and Procedures

Tennessee's Minimum Standards for Local Correctional Facilities, 1400-1-.05(3) and (4) mandates that each jail shall have written policies and procedures governing the facility’s operations. They shall be reviewed at least annually and updated as needed. These policies and procedures shall be approved by the sheriff, chief, or warden and shall be made available to all employees.  Further, there shall be written plans developed in advance for dealing with emergencies such as escape, prisoner disturbances, assaults on employees, hostage taking, and emergency evacuation plans. These shall be incorporated into the facility's manual.  Each employee shall be familiar with these plans.

TCA 10-7-504(a)(14) states: All riot, escape and emergency transport plans which are incorporated in a policy and procedures manual of county jails and workhouses or prisons operated by the department of correction or under private contract shall be treated as confidential and shall not be open for inspection by members of the public.