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Webinar Opportunity: County Solid Waste Managers & COVID-19

News Date
County Solid Waste Managers & COVID-19
May 19, 2020 • 3:00pm ET • Online via Zoom

Join CTAS Environmental Consultants Kim Raia and Mike Stooksberry for a moderated discussion on Solid Waste Management and COVID-19.

The panel will discuss COVID-19 impacts on county solid waste programs and panelists will share how they are responding to this challenge. Send your questions via “chat” during the presentation and we will work them into the conversation. Stay on the call at the end for an informal conversation with colleagues and friends.

Panel Speakers Register Now!
  • Jim Lunn, Dickson County Solid Waste Director
  • Nancy Zion, Williamson County Solid Waste Director
  • Drew Thurman, Knox County Solid Waste Director
Tentative Agenda How to Participate
  • Introduction
  • Panel Introductions
  • Panel Discussion - Solid Waste Program Changes and Responses
    • How has solid waste collection and disposal changed since early March 2020?
    • How have you responded to these changes?
      • Worker safety
      • Job-specific safety issues
      • Continuity of operations plans
      • Dealing with the public
      • Employee morale
  • Panel Discussion - The New Normal: What Next for Program Planning?
    • What kind of program changes do you anticipate over the next 3-12 months?
      • Contingency operations (short term)
      • SOP changes
      • Service delivery/Expectation
      • Contingency budgets
      • Contingency operations (long term)
      • Regulatory
  • Panel Discussion - Wrap Up
    • Questions and Comments
We are using an online web conferencing platform called “Zoom”. This is an easy way for everyone with computer or phone access to participate.

Once registered we will send you instructions on how to join the meeting by computer or by phone.

Support for Web Conferencing:
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For more information please contact:
COVID-19 Resources
CTAS COVID-19 Solid Waste Resources
CTAS COVID-19 Resources