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Request a Referendum on the Question of the Creation of an Emergency Communications District

WHEREAS, Tennessee Code Annotated, Sections 7-86-101 and following, the "Emergency Communications District Law", authorizes counties to create an emergency communications district so that a uniform emergency number (911) may be used for emergency services; and,

WHEREAS, Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 7-86-104, requires that such districts first be approved by the voters of the proposed district;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the county legislative body of County meeting in regular session on this _ day of 20__, in , Tennessee, that:

SECTION 1. A District shall be established, which District shall include all of County, whether incorporated or unincorporated, subject to the election requirements of Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 7-86-104(b).

SECTION 2. The county election commission is requested to submit to the voters within County the question of creating such district in an election to be held pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 2-3-204, as provided in Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 7-86-104(b). The county election commission is requested to conduct said election in accordance with the provisions of law and is specifically requested to conduct the said election at the August general election to save the taxpayers the expense of any special election.

SECTION 3. The county clerk is requested to transmit a true and certified copy of this resolution to the administrator of elections and to the county election commissioners.

SECTION 4. In order to carry out the requested election in accordance with Section 2 above, this resolution shall take effect on , the public welfare requiring it.

Adopted this ___ day of __________, 20___.


______________________________ _______________________________
County Executive County Clerk