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Private Acts of 1951 Chapter 16

SECTION 1.  That in Counties of this State having a population of not less than 19,700, nor more than 19,800, by the Federal Census of 1940, or any subsequent Federal Census, the Quarterly County Court is hereby authorized, empowered and directed to create a Purchasing Commission which will have the duties and powers hereinafter set forth.  Said Purchasing Commission shall consist of three members, two of whom shall be elected by the Quarterly County Court annually at its April term in each year and shall serve for a period of one year and until their successors shall be elected and qualified.  They shall be compensated for their services at the rate of $5.00 per day as provided, however, that no member of such Commission shall draw pay for more than 20 days in any calendar year.  The Third member of such Commission shall be the County Auditor, who shall serve as Chairman of said Commission and shall receive no compensation for his services upon such Purchasing Commission.

The County Judge shall be a member ex officio of such Purchasing Commission with the power to vote upon any and all matters coming before the same to the same extent as though he had been originally named a member thereof; however, for his services on said commission the County Judge shall receive no additional compensation other than his salary as fixed by statute.

As amended by: Private Acts of 1951, Chapter 666
  Private Acts of 1953, Chapter 489
  Private Acts of 1959, Chapter 63

SECTION 2.  That it shall be the duty of such Purchasing Commission to purchase all supplies of every king and character, subject to the limitations hereinafter provided which shall be paid for from funds belonging to Counties to which this Act applies, provided, however, that contracts for personal services are expressly excluded from the jurisdiction of said Purchasing Commission.

Any department of said County desiring to make any purchases of any sort shall requisition for the same to such Purchasing Commission, who shall thereupon proceed to procure the materials and supplies listed in the following manner:  Purchases aggregating less than $500 may be made by the Chairman of such Commission upon his own initiative without the necessity of action by the remaining members thereof.  All purchases amounting to more than $500 shall be made upon sealed competitive bids after due advertisement of the time and place as to where such bids shall be taken.  All bids so taken shall be opened in the presence of all members of the Commission and the contract therefor awarded to the lowest and best bidder.  The Commission shall likewise be authorized to let all contracts for the building of County structures paid for from public funds in said County except for construction of bridges upon the County Highways and all school buildings which latter shall remain under the jurisdiction of the County Board of Education.  Upon request of the County Court made ten days prior to any regular session of the Quarterly County Court, the Purchasing Commission shall render to them a complete statement of all purchases made by them itemizing the amounts and the departments for which purchased.  It shall be the duty of said Purchasing Commission to meet monthly upon some date to be mutually agreed upon by such Commission.

SECTION 3.  That this Act shall take effect from and after the second Monday in April, 1951, the public welfare requiring it.

Passed:  January 15, 1951.