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Certified Public Administrator Educational Incentive Payment Calculation

In order to comply with the requirements of T.C.A. § 5-1-310, the methodology described herein will be applied for calculating the educational incentive payable to county officials who attain/retain the designation of Certified Public Administrator.

Certified Public Administrators will be eligible for a maximum educational incentive payment in the amount of $375, which shall be increased by a like amount each year until the official received an annual incentive amount of $1,500:

Educational Incentive Payment Schedule
    Prorated Amount
First year recipients = $375 $310.44
Second year recipients = $750 $620.88
Third year recipients = $1,125 $931.32
Recipients of four or more years = $1,500 $1,241.76

Such incentives shall by offset against any other incentive or payment for professional training or development payable by the state so that the total amount paid to an eligible county official by the state does not exceed $1,500. This offset shall not be applicable to incentive compensation payable to assessors of property pursuant to § 67-1-508.

If, in any given year, the amount appropriated in the general appropriations act is not sufficient to pay each eligible county officer in full, then the amount available shall be prorated among such officers.

CTAS does not administer, regulate, influence, distribute, or have any other relationship with educational incentive payments. For all questions regarding incentive payments, please contact the Tennessee Department of Treasury:

Jaye Chavis, Administrator
Certified Public Administrators Program
Tennessee Department of Treasury
(615) 253-2265 

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