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Oath of Office and Bond-Sheriff

In addition to filing the required bond and the usual oath of office, a sheriff must "take an oath that [he or she] has not promised or given, nor will give, any fee, gift, gratuity, or reward for the office or for aid in procuring such office, that [he or she] will not take any fee, gift, or bribe, or gratuity for returning any person as a juror or for making any false return of any process, and that [he or she] will faithfully execute the office of sheriff to the best of [his or her] knowledge and ability agreeably to law." T.C.A. § 8-8-104.

Sheriff's deputies must take the same oaths as the sheriff, which are certified, filed, and endorsed in the same manner as the sheriff's. T.C.A. § 8-18-112. See Oaths under General Information tab of the County Offices topic for additional information and an example of the full oath of office for a sheriff and regular deputies.

Bonds are covered under the General Information tab of the County Offices topic.