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Pursuant to state regulations, each jail must have a space where inmates are received, searched, showered, and issued clothing (if provided by the facility) prior to assignment to the living quarters. New facilities shall provide space inside the security perimeter, separate from inmate living areas and administrative offices, for inmate processing as inmates are received and discharged from the facility. This space shall have the following components:

  • Pedestrian and/or vehicle sally port;
  • Telephone facilities for inmate use;
  • Temporary holding rooms which have fixed benches to seat inmates; and
  • A shower, toilet and sink.

Rules of the Tennessee Corrections Institute, Rule 1400-1-.04(11).

An intake form must be completed for every person admitted to the jail and must contain the following information, unless otherwise prohibited by statute:

  1. Picture;
  2. Booking number;
  3. Date and time of intake;
  4. Name and aliases of person;
  5. Last known address;
  6. Date and time of commitment and authority therefore;
  7. Names, title, signature and authority therefore;
  8. Specific charges;
  9. Sex;
  10. Age;
  11. Date of birth;
  12. Place of birth;
  13. Race;
  14. Occupation;
  15. Last place of employment;
  16. Education;
  17. Name and relationship of next of kin;
  18. Address of next of kin;
  19. Driver’s license and social security numbers;
  20. Disposition of vehicle, where applicable;
  21. Court and sentence (if sentenced inmate);
  22. Notation of cash and property;
  23. Bonding company;
  24. Amount of bond;
  25. Date of arrest;
  26. Warrant number;
  27. Court date and time;
  28. Cell assignment;
  29. Fingerprints; and,
  30. Criminal history check.

Rules of the Tennessee Corrections Institute, Rule 1400-1-.14(2).

The admitting officer must assure himself or herself that each prisoner received is committed under proper legal authority.  Rules of the Tennessee Corrections Institute, Rule 1400-1-.14(3). See T.C.A. §§ 8-8-201(a)(3) and 41-4-103(a).