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Hunting and Fishing Licenses

The county clerk may act as an agent for the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) for purposes of issuing hunting, fishing, and other licenses and collecting the appropriate fees. T.C.A. § 70-2-106.  County clerks who are authorized agents of TWRA may be required to post a bond in an amount determined by the TWRA executive director. T.C.A. § 70-2-106.  The executive director is required to deliver blank licenses to the county clerk at least ten days prior to March 1 of each year, and charge the clerk with the number issued to him or her. T.C.A. § 70-2-105.  The clerk may charge a flat fee of one dollar ($1.00) on any one annual license, permit or stamp issued by the clerk and fifty cents (50¢) on any one license, permit or stamp which is valid for a specified day or number of days. T.C.A. § 70-2-106.

The county clerk must maintain all funds collected on behalf of TWRA in a checking account available for electronic transfer within 24 hours.  The penalty for failure to make the required remittance available is five percent (5%) of all funds owing and not remitted within the time prescribed.  Also, the county clerk may forfeit the privilege to sell licenses in the future until a full and final settlement has been made.  T.C.A. § 70-2-105.

The license or permit must be filled out in ink, indelible pencil, typewriter, punched or stamped or otherwise marked to prevent erasure. T.C.A. §§ 70-2-201; 70-2-202.  All licenses and permits are dated the true date of issue, except that annual sport licenses are issued for the year beginning March 1 and ending the last day of February of the next year. T.C.A. § 70-2-107.  Any person who violates the licensing or permitting requirements will be guilty of a Class C misdemeanor. T.C.A. § 70-2-107.

The rules and regulations governing the issuance of these permits and licenses are governed by state law and TWRA regulations.  The county clerk should follow all guidance issued by TWRA with regard to issuance of the licenses and permits, including the appropriate fees.