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Data Processing Fee

A fee of $2.00 per non-UCC instrument filed or recorded is collected in addition to the standard fees collected in all counties and this $2.00 fee is earmarked for computerization of the office of register in all but three counties (Morgan, Scott and Sevier).  Also, $2.00 of the $15.00 standard fee for filing or recording UCC records is earmarked for computerization of the register's office in all but the three counties noted above. 

The law which imposed this fee superseded (put aside) the private acts that some counties had which allowed the register to charge additional fees in his or her particular county so that the total amount of fees collected across the state is now uniform.  However, if a county under prior law (general law exception or private act) was authorized to charge an additional register's fee of $1 or $2 per document, and this fee was not earmarked for a particular purpose, the additional general law fee of $2.00 is not earmarked for computerization in those counties (Morgan, Scott and Sevier have been so identified). 

The fees earmarked for computerization must be accounted for separately from the other “standard” fees of the office. T.C.A. § 8-21-1001.  In addition, as of 2010, upon approval by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the county legislative body, registers in Marshall, Lincoln, Maury, Rutherford and Hamilton counties may utilize revenue from the data processing fee that is above what is necessary to purchase computer equipment and software, upgrades to computer equipment and software, and supplies, maintenance and services relating to computer equipment and software for other purposes directly related to the official functions of the office.  After initial approval by the county legislative body, registers must obtain county legislative body approval prior to making each purchase using this revenue.