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Changes of Individual Classification or Assessment

Whenever the State Board of Equalization or the Assessment Appeals Commission, after a county or local board has acted, has reason to believe that an individual assessment of real property or personal property is inadequate, or the classification of such property is erroneous, it has the authority to command the person to whom the property is assessed to appear before the board or commission to show cause why the assessment should not be increased or the classification should not be changed. The taxpayer is entitled to 10 days written notice of the right to appear before the board.1The taxpayer is entitled to be heard either personally or by counsel and has the privilege of introducing any competent evidence touching upon the question of the adequacy of the assessment or change of the classification.2Thereafter, the board or commission will determine the amount, if any, that the assessment will be increased or determine the proper classification of the property. The board or commission will reduce its judgment to writing and certify its findings to the proper county officials.3

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