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CTAS-999 - Child Labor Provisions
CTAS-998 - Substitution
CTAS-997 - Non-FLSA Comp Time
CTAS-996 - Payment for Accrued Comp Time
CTAS-995 - Use of Comp Time
CTAS-994 - Accrual of Comp Time
CTAS-993 - Compensatory Time
CTAS-992 - Overtime Pay May Not Be Waived
CTAS-991 - De Minimis Time
CTAS-990 - Travel Time
CTAS-99 - Tennessee Investment of Student Achievement (TISA)
CTAS-989 - Training Time
CTAS-988 - Meal Periods
CTAS-987 - Rest Periods or Breaks
CTAS-986 - Stand-By Time
CTAS-985 - Show-up, Call-in, Roll Call or Reporting Time
CTAS-984 - Waiting Time
CTAS-983 - On Call Time
CTAS-982 - Sleep Time
CTAS-981 - Compensable Hours
CTAS-980 - Hospital and Nursing Home Employees
CTAS-98 - School Continuing Budget
CTAS-979 - Interrelationship with Other Exemptions
CTAS-978 - Outside Employment
CTAS-977 - Sleep Time under § 7(k)
CTAS-976 - Tours of Duty
CTAS-975 - Emergency Medical Service Employees
CTAS-974 - Trainees
CTAS-973 - Fire Protection and Law Enforcement
CTAS-972 - Law Enforcement Personnel
CTAS-971 - Fire Protection Activities
CTAS-970 - Public Safety Employees-7(k) Exemption
CTAS-97 - School Budget Fund Balance
CTAS-969 - Determination of Applicable Workweek or Work Period
CTAS-968 - On-Call Pay
CTAS-967 - Occasional or Sporadic Employment
CTAS-966 - Multiple Jobs/Dual Employment
CTAS-965 - Employees Working at Two or More Rates
CTAS-964 - Employees Paid on a Salary Basis
CTAS-963 - Day Rates and Job Rates
CTAS-962 - Hourly Rate Employees
CTAS-961 - Fuel Purchase
CTAS-960 - Reverse Auctions
CTAS-96 - School Budget-Maintenance of Effort
CTAS-959 - Purchase of Confiscated Vehicles and Surplus State Property
CTAS-958 - Purchases from State Industries
CTAS-957 - Solid Waste Authorities Competitively Bidding Contracts
CTAS-956 - Public Contracts for Social Services
CTAS-955 - Contracts for Purchase of Natural Gas, Propane Gas or Electric Power
CTAS-954 - Purchase of Used or Secondhand Goods
CTAS-953 - Construction Management Services
CTAS-952 - Professional Services Contracts
CTAS-951 - Construction Projects
CTAS-95 - County School Budget
CTAS-949 - Purchasing from Disabled Persons
CTAS-948 - Life Cycle Cost and Procurement Act
CTAS-947 - Highways and Roads "Buy America" Act
CTAS-946 - Electronic Procurement
CTAS-945 - Purchase of Insurance
CTAS-944 - Transfer of Assets for Fire Protection
CTAS-943 - Purchasing at Public Auctions
CTAS-942 - Disposition of Surplus Property in the Highway Department
CTAS-941 - Disposition of Surplus Property in the Education Department
CTAS-940 - Disposition of Surplus Property
CTAS-94 - Director of Schools
CTAS-939 - Bonds on Construction Projects
CTAS-938 - Purchasing-Records Management
CTAS-937 - Procurement Cards
CTAS-936 - Legal Authority for Cooperative Purchasing
CTAS-935 - Forms of Cooperative Purchasing
CTAS-934 - Cooperative Purchasing
CTAS-933 - Sole Source Purchases
CTAS-932 - Emergency Purchases
CTAS-931 - Organization of the ITB/IFB/RFP (Specification)
CTAS-930 - Purchasing Specification Development
CTAS-93 - State Rules and Regulations
CTAS-929 - Types of Purchasing Specifications
CTAS-928 - Procurement's Relation to Other Departments
CTAS-927 - Procurement's Relation to Other Financial Functions
CTAS-926 - The Receiving Report
CTAS-925 - The Purchase Order
CTAS-924 - The Requisitioning Process
CTAS-923 - The Purchasing Cycle
CTAS-922 - The Role of the Purchasing Department
CTAS-921 - Request for Qualifications (RFQ)
CTAS-920 - What is Procurement in the Public Sector?
CTAS-92 - School Resource Officers and Security Officers
CTAS-919 - Principles of Public Purchasing
CTAS-918 - Dollar Threshold Chart
CTAS-917 - Purchasing in County Education Departments
CTAS-916 - County Uniform Highway Law
CTAS-915 - County Purchasing Law of 1983
CTAS-914 - Non-centralized Purchasing
CTAS-913 - Centralized Purchasing by Private Act
CTAS-912 - Penalties for Violation of the Act
CTAS-911 - Conflict of Interest under the 1981 Law
CTAS-910 - Checks and Balances under the 1981 Law
CTAS-91 - Student Transfers
CTAS-909 - Competitive Bidding under the 1981 Law
CTAS-908 - Purchasing System
CTAS-907 - Director of Finance
CTAS-906 - Financial Management Committee
CTAS-905 - Department of Finance
CTAS-904 - County Financial Management System of 1981
CTAS-903 - Conflict of Interest under the 1957 Law
CTAS-902 - Additional Statutory Provisions
CTAS-901 - Checks and Balances under the 1957 Law
CTAS-900 - Competitive Bidding under the 1957 Law
CTAS-90 - Donations
CTAS-899 - Rules and Regulations
CTAS-898 - County Purchasing Commission
CTAS-897 - Purchasing Agent
CTAS-896 - County Purchasing Law of 1957
CTAS-895 - Centralized Purchasing in Counties
CTAS-894 - County Purchasing vs. Private Sector Purchasing
CTAS-89 - School Property
CTAS-886 - Assistance in Reapportionment
CTAS-885 - School Board and Highway Commission Districts
CTAS-884 - Enforcement-Reapportionment
CTAS-883 - Reapportionment Process
CTAS-882 - Requirements for Reapportionment
CTAS-881 - Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statements
CTAS-880 - Cash Contributions and Aggregate Contribution Limits
CTAS-88 - School Board Mandatory Duties and Discretionary Powers
CTAS-879 - Campaign Contribution Limits
CTAS-878 - Enforcement-Campaign Finance
CTAS-877 - Closing Out Accounts and Using Unexpended Funds
CTAS-876 - Contents of Campaign Finance Reports
CTAS-875 - Reports on Unexpended Balances
CTAS-874 - Campaign Financial Disclosure Act of 1980
CTAS-873 - Help America Vote Act
CTAS-872 - National Voter Registration Act
CTAS-871 - Referenda
CTAS-870 - Inactive Voters and Provisional Ballots
CTAS-87 - Meetings of County Board of Education
CTAS-869 - Early Voting Procedures
CTAS-868 - Special Elections
CTAS-867 - Dates for Regular Elections
CTAS-866 - Procedure for Elections
CTAS-865 - Tie Votes
CTAS-864 - Write-In Candidates
CTAS-863 - Qualifying Deadlines and Procedure
CTAS-862 - Restrictions on Candidacy
CTAS-861 - Nominating Petitions
CTAS-860 - Nominating Process
CTAS-86 - County Board of Education
CTAS-859 - Statewide Organization of Political Parties
CTAS-858 - Nominations and Qualifying Deadlines
CTAS-857 - Compensation and Funding
CTAS-856 - Appointment and Education of Election Officials
CTAS-855 - Promotion of Voter Participation
CTAS-854 - Submission of Semiannual Report
CTAS-853 - Publication of Election Notices
CTAS-852 - Duties-County Election Commission
CTAS-851 - Meetings
CTAS-850 - Office Hours
CTAS-85 - The K-12 Education System in Tennessee
CTAS-849 - Oath of Office and Organization
CTAS-848 - Qualifications and Disqualifications
CTAS-847 - The County Election Commission
CTAS-846 - Public Fords, Ferries and Bridges
CTAS-844 - Alternative Procedure for Opening, Changing and Closing County Roads
CTAS-843 - Opening, Changing and Closing County Roads
CTAS-842 - Classification of County Public Roads
CTAS-841 - County Public Roads v. Private Roads
CTAS-840 - County Roads
CTAS-84 - Education
CTAS-839 - Audits
CTAS-838 - 1990 Bridge Grant Program
CTAS-837 - County-Aid Funds
CTAS-836 - State-Aid Highway Program
CTAS-835 - Interaction with State Offices and Departments
CTAS-834 - Interaction with County Legislative Body
CTAS-833 - Interaction with County Mayor/Executive
CTAS-832 - Relationship to Other County Officials-Highways
CTAS-831 - Weight Limits
CTAS-830 - Penalties for Failure to Perform Duties
CTAS-829 - Investment of County Funds
CTAS-828 - Exemptions
CTAS-827 - Statutory Commissions
CTAS-826 - Optional Checking Account
CTAS-825 - Disbursement Warrants-County Trustee
CTAS-824 - County Treasurer
CTAS-823 - Fee System or Salary System-County Trustee
CTAS-822 - Sources of Assistance for Register of Deeds
CTAS-821 - Fee System or Salary System-Register of Deeds
CTAS-820 - Reports-Register of Deeds
CTAS-82 - Relationship to County Legislative Body and Other Officials-Clerks of Court
CTAS-819 - Receipts
CTAS-818 - Form of Payment
CTAS-817 - Deposits and Bank Accounts-Register of Deeds
CTAS-815 - Financial Accounting Duties
CTAS-814 - Military Discharge Records
CTAS-813 - Other Records Duties
CTAS-812 - Notice of Child Support Liens
CTAS-811 - Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act ("URPERA")
CTAS-810 - Uniform Electronic Transactions Act
CTAS-81 - Duties-Clerks of Court
CTAS-809 - Records and Computers
CTAS-808 - Combined or Continuous Records
CTAS-807 - Miscellaneous Records
CTAS-806 - UCC Records
CTAS-805 - Deeds of Trust
CTAS-804 - Real Estate Deeds of Title
CTAS-803 - Recording, Filing and Indexing
CTAS-802 - Notations When Instrument Received
CTAS-801 - Other Tax Issues
CTAS-800 - Most Common Exemptions from Tax
CTAS-80 - Deputies and Assistants-Clerks of Court
CTAS-8 - Miscellaneous Tennessee Constitutional Provisions Affecting County Government
CTAS-799 - Mortgage Tax
CTAS-798 - Transfer Tax
CTAS-797 - Collection of State Taxes
CTAS-795 - UCC Fee Issues
CTAS-794 - Standard Fees
CTAS-793 - Partnership Fee Issues
CTAS-792 - Electronic Filing Fee
CTAS-791 - Data Processing Fee
CTAS-790 - Proper Fees for Recording or Filing
CTAS-79 - Compensation-Clerks of Court
CTAS-789 - Payment of the Statutory Fees
CTAS-788 - Specific Rules for Plats
CTAS-787 - Specific Rules for UCC Records
CTAS-786 - Electronic Records
CTAS-785 - Payment of Transfer or Mortgage Tax
CTAS-784 - Parcel Identification Number
CTAS-783 - Name and Address of Preparer
CTAS-782 - Reference to Previously Registered Instruments
CTAS-781 - Name and Address of Owner and Taxpayer
CTAS-780 - Authentication/Acknowledgment
CTAS-779 - Legibility/Language
CTAS-778 - Requirements for Acceptance of Instruments
CTAS-777 - Other Documents
CTAS-776 - Identification and Purpose of UCC Instruments (Records)
CTAS-775 - Uniform Commercial Code Records
CTAS-774 - Instruments Affecting Interests in Personal Property
CTAS-773 - Identification and Purpose of Most Common Instruments Relating to Real Property
CTAS-772 - Instruments to be Recorded or Filed
CTAS-771 - Bundle of Rights Theory
CTAS-770 - Other Actions
CTAS-77 - Oath of Office and Bond-Clerks of Court
CTAS-769 - Breach of Contract
CTAS-768 - Other Non-Tort Liability
CTAS-767 - Liability for Personnel Matters
CTAS-766 - Tennessee Governmental Tort Liability Act
CTAS-765 - Liability Problems
CTAS-764 - Elements of Risk Management
CTAS-763 - Program Administration
CTAS-762 - Policy Statement
CTAS-761 - Preventing Losses Saves Money
CTAS-760 - Risk Management
CTAS-76 - Qualifications-Clerks of Court
CTAS-759 - Risk Management and Liability Problems
CTAS-758 - Interaction with other County Offices-County Mayor
CTAS-757 - Commission for the Poor
CTAS-756 - Duties of the Chairperson (or Chairperson Pro Tempore)
CTAS-755 - Other Legal Authority
CTAS-754 - Powers-County Mayor
CTAS-753 - Financial Officer-County Mayor
CTAS-752 - Budgeting-County Clerk
CTAS-751 - Purchasing-County Clerk
CTAS-750 - Auditing-County Clerk
CTAS-75 - Clerks of Court
CTAS-749 - Duties as to Revenue-County Clerk
CTAS-748 - Official Bank Account-County Clerk
CTAS-747 - Fees-County Clerk
CTAS-746 - Financial Matters-County Clerk
CTAS-745 - Expense Accounts
CTAS-744 - Fee or Non-Fee Office-County Clerk
CTAS-743 - Use of Fund Balances
CTAS-742 - Recurring Revenues and Expenditures
CTAS-735 - Allotments and Impoundments
CTAS-734 - Amendments
CTAS-733 - Budget Management
CTAS-731 - Estimating Expenditures
CTAS-730 - Estimating Revenues
CTAS-73 - Relationship to Other County Officials-County Trustee
CTAS-729 - Budgeting Formula, Fund Balances, Revenues and Expenditures
CTAS-726 - Election Commission MOE
CTAS-725 - Highways MOE
CTAS-724 - Sheriff/Law Enforcement MOE
CTAS-723 - Education MOE
CTAS-722 - Maintenance of Effort
CTAS-721 - Balancing Budget with Property Tax
CTAS-72 - Duties-County Trustee
CTAS-718 - Sample Budget Calendar
CTAS-717 - Budget Development
CTAS-716 - Budget Planning
CTAS-715 - Chart of Accounts
CTAS-713 - Budget Process and Approaches
CTAS-712 - Basic Principles of Budgeting
CTAS-711 - Operating Budgets
CTAS-710 - Auditing
CTAS-71 - Deputies and Assistants-Trustees
CTAS-709 - Disposition of Surplus County Property
CTAS-708 - Credit Cards
CTAS-707 - Bank Accounts
CTAS-706 - Local Government Modernization Act of 2005
CTAS-705 - Financial Management of Fee Offices
CTAS-704 - Financial Management Under Private Acts
CTAS-703 - Fiscal Control Acts of 1957
CTAS-702 - County Financial Management System of 1981
CTAS-701 - Local Option Budgeting Law of 1993
CTAS-700 - Financial Management under General Laws with Local Option Application
CTAS-70 - Compensation-County Trustee
CTAS-7 - Article VII, Section 2: Vacancies In County Offices
CTAS-699 - Investment of County Funds
CTAS-698 - Accounting under General Law
CTAS-697 - Budgeting under General Law
CTAS-696 - Charitable Contributions
CTAS-695 - Financial Management under the General Law
CTAS-694 - Financial Structure of County Government
CTAS-693 - Denial of Licenses for Failure to Pay Child Support
CTAS-692 - Other Powers and Duties
CTAS-691 - Acknowledgment of Instruments, Affidavits, and Administration of Oaths
CTAS-690 - Boat Identification Numbers
CTAS-69 - Oath of Office and Bond-County Trustee
CTAS-689 - Hunting and Fishing Licenses
CTAS-688 - Drainage and Levee Districts
CTAS-687 - Miscellaneous Powers and Duties of the County Clerk
CTAS-686 - Installation Permits
CTAS-685 - Certificate of Title
CTAS-684 - Affidavit of Affixation
CTAS-683 - Titling of Manufactured Homes
CTAS-682 - Manufactured Homes
CTAS-681 - Motor Vehicle Titling and Registration
CTAS-680 - Privilege Taxes
CTAS-68 - Qualifications-County Trustee
CTAS-679 - Archives and Records Management Fee
CTAS-678 - Storage and Disposition of Records
CTAS-677 - Records on Computer Media
CTAS-676 - Confidential Employee Records
CTAS-675 - Uniform Motor Vehicle Records Disclosure Act
CTAS-674 - Confidential Tax Information
CTAS-673 - Public Records
CTAS-672 - Records-County Clerk
CTAS-671 - Statutory Form Acknowledgment
CTAS-670 - Notary Public Seal
CTAS-67 - County Trustee
CTAS-669 - Oaths-Notary Public
CTAS-668 - Notary Public Bonds
CTAS-667 - Qualifications, Election and Powers
CTAS-666 - Notary Public Applications
CTAS-665 - Minutes
CTAS-664 - Clerk of the County Legislative Body
CTAS-663 - The Agenda
CTAS-662 - Quorum Requirements
CTAS-661 - Voting
CTAS-660 - Association Dues
CTAS-659 - Election to Office
CTAS-658 - Ouster Cases
CTAS-657 - Removal From Office-Ouster
CTAS-656 - Bribery for Votes
CTAS-655 - Reporting Fraud
CTAS-654 - Penalties
CTAS-653 - Inmate Labor for Private Purposes Prohibited
CTAS-652 - Theft of Services
CTAS-651 - Misuse of County Time and Property
CTAS-650 - Private Use of County Road Equipment and Materials Prohibited
CTAS-65 - Relationship to Other County Officials-Registers of Deeds
CTAS-649 - Destruction of and Tampering with Governmental Records
CTAS-648 - Sexual Contact with Inmates
CTAS-647 - Misrepresentation of Information to Auditor
CTAS-646 - Purchasing Surplus County Property
CTAS-645 - Purchasing Property Sold Through Court or Sheriff's Sale
CTAS-644 - Suspension, Removal and Discharge from Office
CTAS-643 - Misuse of Official Information
CTAS-642 - Official Oppression
CTAS-641 - Official Misconduct
CTAS-640 - Misconduct Involving Public Officials and Employees
CTAS-64 - Duties-Register of Deeds
CTAS-639 - Exceptions and Defenses
CTAS-638 - Buying and Selling in Regard to Offices
CTAS-637 - Soliciting Unlawful Compensation
CTAS-636 - Bribery of Public Servant
CTAS-635 - Felonies in Office-Forfeiture of Retirement Benefits
CTAS-634 - Crimes Involving Public Officials
CTAS-633 - Dual Office Holders - Incompatible Offices
CTAS-632 - Prohibition on Honorariums
CTAS-631 - Prohibition on Consulting Fees
CTAS-630 - Highway Departments-Conflict of Interest
CTAS-63 - Deputies and Assistants-Registers of Deed
CTAS-629 - Schools-Conflict of Interest
CTAS-628 - County Financial Management System of 1981-Conflict of Interest
CTAS-627 - The County Purchasing Law of 1957-Conflict of Interest
CTAS-626 - Other Statutory Conflict of Interest Provisions
CTAS-625 - Special Rules for County Commissioners who are County Employees
CTAS-623 - Conflicts of Interest
CTAS-622 - County Ethics Committees
CTAS-621 - County Ethics Policies
CTAS-62 - Compensation-Registers of Deed
CTAS-619 - Industrial Development Corporations
CTAS-618 - Industrial and Economic Development
CTAS-617 - Tennessee Clean Energy Future Act of 2009
CTAS-616 - Adoption of Building Codes
CTAS-615 - Municipal Zoning Outside City Limits
CTAS-614 - Enforcement and Application
CTAS-613 - Special Zoning Provisions
CTAS-612 - Board of Zoning Appeals
CTAS-611 - Amendments
CTAS-610 - Zoning Regulation
CTAS-61 - Oath of Office and Bond-Register of Deeds
CTAS-609 - County Zoning
CTAS-608 - Community Planning
CTAS-607 - Duties and Powers of Planning Commission
CTAS-606 - Membership of Planning Commission
CTAS-605 - Regional Planning Commission
CTAS-603 - Consolidation of City and County Governments
CTAS-602 - Incorporation
CTAS-601 - Distribution of Taxes after Annexation
CTAS-60 - Qualifications-Register of Deeds
CTAS-6 - Article XI, Section 9: Limitation on Power Over Local Affairs
CTAS-599 - Notice of Annexation
CTAS-598 - Annexation
CTAS-596 - Joint Economic and Community Development Board
CTAS-594 - Amendment of Growth Plan
CTAS-593 - Agreements Regarding Powers
CTAS-592 - Extraterritorial Planning Jurisdiction
CTAS-591 - Designation of Zones
CTAS-590 - County Growth Plans
CTAS-59 - Register of Deeds
CTAS-589 - Comprehensive Growth Planning
CTAS-587 - Election of Successor by the People
CTAS-586 - Procedure for Filling Vacancies
CTAS-585 - Interim Successors
CTAS-581 - Temporary Vacancies
CTAS-580 - Vacancies in Office
CTAS-579 - Abandoned Personal Property
CTAS-578 - Libraries
CTAS-577 - Purchase, Sale and Lease of County Property
CTAS-576 - County Buildings, Hours, and Office Space
CTAS-575 - Guns on Public Property
CTAS-574 - Contractor Permits and Bonds
CTAS-573 - Animal Control
CTAS-572 - Regulation of Adult-Oriented Entertainment and Massage
CTAS-571 - Debris Removal and Weed Control
CTAS-570 - Cable TV Regulation
CTAS-57 - Relationship to County Legislative Body and Other Officials-County Clerk
CTAS-569 - Enforcement
CTAS-568 - Constitutional Limitations
CTAS-567 - Grandfathered Uses
CTAS-566 - Exempted Activities
CTAS-565 - Jurisdiction
CTAS-564 - Local Adoption
CTAS-563 - Powers to Prevent and Abate Nuisances
CTAS-562 - Regulatory Powers
CTAS-561 - Air Pollution Control
CTAS-560 - Authority to Comply and Regulatory Powers
CTAS-56 - Duties-County Clerk
CTAS-559 - Deadlines and Important Dates
CTAS-558 - How to Comply with Phase II
CTAS-557 - Phase II Coverage
CTAS-556 - Phase I
CTAS-555 - Storm Water Management
CTAS-554 - Urban-Type Public Facilities
CTAS-553 - Public Water Supplies and Wastewater Treatment
CTAS-552 - Ambulance and Emergency Medical Services
CTAS-551 - Public School Nurse Program
CTAS-550 - Healthcare Facilities
CTAS-55 - Deputies and Assistants-County Clerk
CTAS-548 - County Health Department
CTAS-547 - County Board of Health
CTAS-546 - Medical Services
CTAS-545 - Underground Storage Tanks
CTAS-544 - Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Substances
CTAS-542 - Landfill Approval by County - "Jackson Law"
CTAS-541 - Local Revenue Sources
CTAS-540 - State Revenue, Funding and Grants
CTAS-54 - Compensation-County Clerk
CTAS-539 - Reporting Requirements
CTAS-538 - Recycling
CTAS-537 - Education - Solid Waste Plan
CTAS-536 - Baled Waste and Inspections
CTAS-535 - Problem Wastes
CTAS-534 - Minimum Service Levels
CTAS-533 - Operational Requirements
CTAS-532 - Sanctions
CTAS-531 - Flow Control and Regional Approval Options
CTAS-530 - Public Ownership of Solid Waste Facilities
CTAS-53 - Oath of Office and Bond-County Clerk
CTAS-529 - Plan Requirements
CTAS-528 - Municipal Solid Waste Regional Board
CTAS-527 - Local Solid Waste Management Planning
CTAS-526 - County Board of Sanitation
CTAS-525 - Title 5, Chapter 19
CTAS-524 - Solid Waste Management, Collection and Disposal
CTAS-522 - County Building Commissioner
CTAS-521 - Land Use, Planning and Zoning
CTAS-520 - Election Administrators
CTAS-52 - Qualifications-County Clerk
CTAS-519 - Solid Waste Authority
CTAS-518 - Ethics Policies for Utilities
CTAS-517 - Utility District Board of Commissioners
CTAS-516 - County Board of Public Utilities
CTAS-515 - Historic Zoning Commission
CTAS-514 - Airport Zoning Board of Appeals
CTAS-513 - County Conservation Board
CTAS-512 - Parks and Recreation Board
CTAS-511 - County Revenue Commissioners
CTAS-510 - County Insurance Committee
CTAS-51 - County Clerk
CTAS-509 - County Finance Committee
CTAS-507 - Committee for Resale of Land
CTAS-506 - Auditor Employment Committee
CTAS-505 - Audit Committee
CTAS-504 - County Monument (Veterans Memorial) Commission
CTAS-503 - County Board of Health
CTAS-502 - County Airport Board
CTAS-501 - County Agricultural Extension Committee
CTAS-500 - Adult-Oriented Establishment Board
CTAS-5 - Article VII, Section 1: Elected Officials and Governmental Form
CTAS-499 - Special Courts
CTAS-498 - Probate Court
CTAS-497 - General Sessions Court and Interchange
CTAS-496 - Juvenile Courts
CTAS-495 - Jurisdiction of General Sessions Court
CTAS-494 - General Sessions Court
CTAS-493 - Jurisdiction of Criminal Courts
CTAS-492 - Concurrent Jurisdiction of Circuit and Chancery Courts.
CTAS-491 - Jurisdiction of Chancery Court
CTAS-490 - Jurisdiction of Circuit Court
CTAS-49 - Relationship to County Legislative Body and Other Officials-Assessor of Property
CTAS-486 - Transit Authority Board
CTAS-484 - Public Building Authority Board of Directors
CTAS-483 - Industrial Development Corporation Board of Directors
CTAS-482 - Emergency Communications District Board of Directors
CTAS-481 - Airport Authority Board of Commissioners
CTAS-480 - Mutual Assistance and Mutual Aid Agreements
CTAS-48 - Duties-Assessor of Property
CTAS-479 - Interlocal Agreements
CTAS-478 - Unification Government Charters
CTAS-477 - Metropolitan Government Charters
CTAS-476 - Judicial Commissioner
CTAS-475 - General Sessions and Other Inferior Courts
CTAS-474 - Trial Courts
CTAS-470 - Courts
CTAS-47 - Deputies and Assistants-Assessor of Property
CTAS-469 - Utilities
CTAS-467 - Planning, Zoning and Development
CTAS-466 - Parks, Recreation and Conservation
CTAS-465 - Law Enforcement and Corrections
CTAS-464 - Financial and Tax Administration
CTAS-463 - County Library Board
CTAS-462 - County Government Administration
CTAS-461 - Authorities and Corporations
CTAS-46 - Compensation-Assessor of Property
CTAS-459 - County Surveyor
CTAS-457 - County Fire Marshal
CTAS-455 - Delinquent Tax Attorney
CTAS-454 - Constable
CTAS-453 - County Coroner
CTAS-452 - County Medical Investigator
CTAS-451 - County Medical Examiner
CTAS-450 - County Attorney
CTAS-45 - Oath of Office and Bond-Assessor of Property
CTAS-449 - Intergovernmental Agreements
CTAS-447 - City-County Consolidation
CTAS-446 - County Consolidation Committee
CTAS-445 - County Charters
CTAS-444 - Traditional Structure
CTAS-443 - County Government under the Tennessee Constitution
CTAS-442 - Expiration/Termination of Beer Permits
CTAS-441 - Failure to Perform Collection Duties
CTAS-440 - Additional Fee, Premarital Preparation Course
CTAS-44 - Qualifications-Assessor of Property
CTAS-438 - Solemnizing Marriage Between Incapable Persons
CTAS-434 - Certification and Return of the License
CTAS-433 - Remuneration for Solemnizing a Marriage
CTAS-432 - Out-of-State Ceremonies
CTAS-431 - Marriage Ceremony
CTAS-43 - Assessor of Property
CTAS-429 - County Clerk Violations
CTAS-428 - False Documents
CTAS-427 - Issuance to Incapacitated Persons Forbidden
CTAS-426 - Minimum Age of Applicants
CTAS-425 - Issuance of the License
CTAS-423 - Common Law Marriages
CTAS-421 - Bigamy
CTAS-42 - In-Service Training-Sheriffs
CTAS-418 - General-County Clerk
CTAS-414 - Recovery of Stolen Property
CTAS-413 - Prohibited Acts
CTAS-412 - Hours of Operation
CTAS-411 - Default
CTAS-410 - Interest Rate and Fees
CTAS-41 - Relationship to County Legislative Body and Other Officials-Sheriff
CTAS-409 - Recordkeeping and Notice Requirements
CTAS-408 - Operation of the Business and Recordkeeping Requirements
CTAS-407 - Authority of Licensed Pawnbrokers
CTAS-406 - Transferability of License
CTAS-405 - Insurance Requirement
CTAS-404 - Issuance of License
CTAS-403 - Application for License
CTAS-402 - Eligibility for License
CTAS-401 - License Required
CTAS-400 - Overview
CTAS-40 - Duties-Sheriff
CTAS-399 - Pawnbrokers
CTAS-396 - Fees and Taxes
CTAS-395 - Marriage Records
CTAS-394 - Solemnizing a Marriage
CTAS-393 - Contesting the Issuance of a Marriage License
CTAS-392 - Obtaining a Marriage License
CTAS-391 - Who Can Marry?
CTAS-390 - Marriage
CTAS-39 - Deputies and Assistants-Sheriff
CTAS-382 - Annual Privilege Tax
CTAS-381 - Wholesale Beer Tax
CTAS-380 - State Barrels Tax
CTAS-38 - Compensation-Sheriff
CTAS-379 - Judicial Review of Beer Board Action
CTAS-378 - Hearings and Due Process
CTAS-377 - Investigations
CTAS-376 - Revocation, Suspension, and Imposition of Civil Penalties
CTAS-375 - Sting Operations Using Minors
CTAS-374 - Responsible Vendor Provisions Affecting Beer Boards
CTAS-373 - Responsible Vendor Signage
CTAS-372 - Responsible Vendor Certification
CTAS-371 - Tennessee Responsible Vendor Act
CTAS-370 - Wholesaler/Retailer Relationship
CTAS-37 - Oath of Office and Bond-Sheriff
CTAS-369 - Outdoor Signs
CTAS-368 - Storage at Other Than Permit Address
CTAS-367 - Sale of Untaxed Beer - Contraband
CTAS-366 - Employing Persons Convicted of Certain Crimes
CTAS-365 - Minors and the Beer Laws
CTAS-364 - Prohibited Acts
CTAS-363 - Prohibition of Beer in Public Parks
CTAS-362 - Restoring an Invalid Distance Rule
CTAS-361 - Grandfather Provisions
CTAS-360 - Measuring to Enforce Distance Rules
CTAS-36 - Qualifications-Sheriff
CTAS-359 - The 300 Foot Rule
CTAS-358 - Distance Rules of Less than 2,000 Feet
CTAS-357 - The 2,000 Foot Rule
CTAS-356 - Distance Rules
CTAS-355 - Hours of Operation
CTAS-352 - Denial of Beer Permits
CTAS-351 - Public Notice of Applications and Hearings
CTAS-35 - Sheriff
CTAS-349 - Background Checks
CTAS-348 - Application Fee for Beer Permit
CTAS-347 - Beer Permit Application
CTAS-346 - Temporary Beer Permits
CTAS-345 - Microbreweries and Brew Pubs
CTAS-344 - On-Premises or Off-Premises Consumption
CTAS-343 - Permitted Location
CTAS-342 - Permits - To Whom Issued
CTAS-341 - Beer Permits
CTAS-340 - Board Authority
CTAS-34 - Deputies and Assistants
CTAS-339 - Board Membership
CTAS-338 - The County Beer Board
CTAS-337 - Authority of Class A Counties
CTAS-336 - Authority of Cities and Class B (Metropolitan Government) Counties
CTAS-335 - Classification of Counties
CTAS-334 - Definition of Beer
CTAS-333 - Beer
CTAS-33 - Fee System or Salary System
CTAS-329 - Cck visibility test
CTAS-32 - Compensation
CTAS-31 - Bonds
CTAS-30 - Oaths
CTAS-28 - County Offices-General Information
CTAS-26 - Accounting Officer-County Mayor
CTAS-25 - Duties-County Mayor
CTAS-2490 - Election Administration
CTAS-2489 - Public Comment Periods
CTAS-2488 - Meeting Agendas
CTAS-2487 - Purchase of Drones
CTAS-2486 - Miscellaneous Education Issues
CTAS-2485 - Paid Leave for Childbirth and Adoption
CTAS-2484 - Personal Injury Caused by Assault
CTAS-2483 - Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination
CTAS-2482 - The CROWN Act
CTAS-2481 - Sealed Competitive Bids and Public Advertising Threshold
CTAS-2480 - Non-boycott of Israel
CTAS-2479 - The Uniformity in Local Government Lease Financing Act
CTAS-2478 - Leave After an Arrest
CTAS-2477 - Limitations of Liability for Employers
CTAS-2476 - School Board Authority During Emergencies
CTAS-2475 - Boat Trailer Registration
CTAS-2474 - Tax Increment Financing Agreements
CTAS-2472 - Payment in Lieu of Tax Agreements
CTAS-2471 - Additional Purchasing Conflicts of Interest
CTAS-2470 - Harassment by Non-Employees
CTAS-2469 - Education Maintenance of Effort Tests
CTAS-2468 - Required Training
CTAS-2467 - Tennessee Corrections Institute
CTAS-2466 - CCFO Overview
CTAS-2464 - Relocation of Utilities
CTAS-2463 - General Conflict of Interest Law
CTAS-2462 - Local Option Transit Surcharges
CTAS-2461 - Iran Divestment Act
CTAS-2460 - Motor Vehicle Races
CTAS-2428 - Public Records Act
CTAS-2427 - Penalties and Remedies for Noncompliance
CTAS-2426 - Electronic Communications Exceptions
CTAS-2425 - Limited Exception for Attorney-Client Discussions
CTAS-2424 - Minutes of Meetings
CTAS-2423 - Adequate Public Notice
CTAS-2422 - Meetings Declared Public
CTAS-2421 - Requirements of the Open Meetings Act
CTAS-2420 - Open Meetings Act (Sunshine Law)
CTAS-2419 - Open Government
CTAS-24 - Relationship to County Legislative Body-County Mayor
CTAS-235 - Oath of Office and Bond-Highways
CTAS-234 - Compensation-Highways
CTAS-232 - Qualifications-Highways
CTAS-23 - Compensation-County Mayor
CTAS-229 - Reapportionment
CTAS-227 - Severance Taxes
CTAS-226 - Sales and Use Taxes
CTAS-225 - Property Taxes
CTAS-224 - In Lieu of Tax Payments
CTAS-223 - Petroleum Products Taxes
CTAS-222 - Other Taxes
CTAS-221 - Motor Vehicle Taxes and Fees
CTAS-2206 - Firearms in the Workplace
CTAS-2205 - Insurance as a Substitute for Bonds
CTAS-2204 - Computerized Data Breaches
CTAS-2203 - Notary Public Fees
CTAS-2202 - Redaction of Personally Identifying Information
CTAS-2201 - Underground Utilities Damage Prevention Act
CTAS-2200 - Internal Controls
CTAS-220 - TVA In Lieu of Tax Payments
CTAS-22 - Qualifications and Title-County Mayor
CTAS-2199 - Continuation Budgets
CTAS-2198 - Inmate Marriages
CTAS-2197 - Inmate Programs
CTAS-2196 - Jail Security Operations
CTAS-2195 - GASB 54
CTAS-2193 - Timetable of Significant Dates and Activities in the Assessment and Collection of Ad Valorem Real Property Taxes*
CTAS-2192 - Types of Motions
CTAS-2191 - Sample Meeting Transcript
CTAS-2190 - test
CTAS-219 - Fees of County Officers
CTAS-2189 - Comptroller's Form - Letter of Agreement
CTAS-2188 - Disposition of Property Purchased by County at Tax Sale
CTAS-2187 - Jail Policies and Procedures
CTAS-2186 - Private Acts
CTAS-2184 - Genetic Discrimination
CTAS-2180 - Eminent Domain
CTAS-218 - Business Taxes
CTAS-2179 - Other Methods of Enforcement
CTAS-2178 - Vandalism
CTAS-217 - Alcohol and Tobacco Taxes
CTAS-216 - Boards, Commissions, and Committees
CTAS-2156 - Three-Star Program
CTAS-2155 - Factors When Developing Budget
CTAS-2154 - Key Budgeting Issues
CTAS-2152 - Qualifications
CTAS-215 - County Statutory Offices and Positions
CTAS-2140 - Emergency Detention of a Person with a Mental Illness or Serious Emotional Disturbance
CTAS-214 - Forms of County Government
CTAS-2139 - Certain Persons Disqualified as Bondsmen
CTAS-2138 - Authority to Take Bail--Appeal
CTAS-2137 - Protection Against Blood Borne Pathogens
CTAS-2136 - Access to Inmates by Alcohol and Drug Treatment Organizations
CTAS-2135 - Litigation Tax for Jail and Workhouse Construction
CTAS-2134 - HIV Testing of Persons Convicted of Sexual Offenses-Release of Test Results
CTAS-2133 - Jail or Workhouse Sentences of less than one year
CTAS-2132 - Inmate Exercise
CTAS-2131 - Victim Notification
CTAS-2130 - Sexual Contact with Inmates
CTAS-213 - Reasons for Records Management
CTAS-2129 - Prisoner Rape Elimination Act
CTAS-2128 - Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA)
CTAS-2127 - Applicability of the Blind Vendors Program
CTAS-2126 - Inmate Funds Accounting/Blind Vendors
CTAS-2125 - Inmate Commissary
CTAS-2123 - Blind Vendors Program
CTAS-2121 - Disposition of Unclaimed Dead Bodies
CTAS-2120 - Reciprocal Notices of Suspensions and Revocations with ABC
CTAS-212 - Legal Issues
CTAS-2119 - Sample Distilleries Resolution
CTAS-2117 - Distilleries
CTAS-2116 - Budget Adoption
CTAS-2115 - Calculation of Property Tax Estimate
CTAS-2114 - County Budget Laws
CTAS-2113 - Required and Optional Services
CTAS-2110 - Fund Balance Policy Example
CTAS-211 - County Public Records Commission
CTAS-2100 - Estimating Actual Property Tax Collections
CTAS-210 - Public Access to Records
CTAS-21 - County Mayor
CTAS-2098 - Assessment Summary
CTAS-2097 - Basic Formula
CTAS-2096 - Highway Certification Form
CTAS-2095 - Maintenance of Effort Test
CTAS-2094 - Estimated Revenues from Current Property Taxes
CTAS-2092 - Summary by Fund Account
CTAS-2090 - Budget Preparation Form/Personnel
CTAS-2089 - General Budget Preparation Form
CTAS-2088 - Non-profit Resolution
CTAS-2087 - Tax Levy Resolution
CTAS-2086 - Appropriation Resolution
CTAS-2085 - Requirements for an Adopted Budget
CTAS-2084 - Sample Newspaper Notice
CTAS-2083 - Sample Budget Handbook
CTAS-2081 - Department Budget by Object Code
CTAS-2080 - Operating Budget Resource Materials
CTAS-208 - Student Records
CTAS-2079 - Sample Policy - Time Records
CTAS-2078 - Amendment of Policies
CTAS-2077 - Appendix H: Additional Disaster Recovery Resources
CTAS-2076 - Appendix G: Records Disposition Authorization for County Government Records
CTAS-2074 - Appendix E: Sources of Additional Information
CTAS-2074 - Appendix F: Records Inventory Worksheet
CTAS-2073 - Appendix D: Sample Resolution to Establish a County Archives
CTAS-2072 - Appendix C: Sample Resolution to Establish the Membership of the County Public Records Commission
CTAS-2071 - Appendix B: Tennessee Archives Management Advisory
CTAS-2070 - Appendix A: Statutory Provisions Governing County Public Records and the County Public Records Commission
CTAS-207 - Basic Records Management
CTAS-2068 - Current Retention Schedules
CTAS-2067 - Planning and Zoning Records Retention Schedule
CTAS-2065 - Fire Department Records
CTAS-2064 - Animal Control Records
CTAS-2063 - Accounting, Purchasing and Other Miscellaneous Records
CTAS-2063 - Employment Records
CTAS-2062 - Trustee's Records
CTAS-2061 - Solid Waste Departments and Landfill Records Retention Schedule
CTAS-2060 - Sheriff's Records Retention Schedule
CTAS-206 - Disposal of Records
CTAS-2059 - Register of Deeds Records
CTAS-2058 - Highway Department Records
CTAS-2057 - County Election Commission Records Retention Schedule
CTAS-2055 - Juvenile Court Records Retention Schedule
CTAS-2055 - Department of Education Records
CTAS-2053 - Clerk and Master Records Retention Schedule
CTAS-2053 - General Sessions Court Records
CTAS-2052 - Circuit and Criminal Court Records Retention Schedule
CTAS-2051 - County Mayor Records
CTAS-2050 - County Clerk Records Retention Schedule
CTAS-205 - Alternative Storage Formats
CTAS-2049 - Assessor of Property Records
CTAS-2048 - Adoption of Required Policies
CTAS-2041 - Tigger test page
CTAS-2040 - Guidelines for Work Release Programs
CTAS-204 - Proper Storage Conditions
CTAS-2039 - Technical Assistance
CTAS-2038 - Accessibility, Enforcement and Compliance
CTAS-2037 - Communication under Title II
CTAS-2036 - Program Access under Title II
CTAS-2035 - Qualified Individuals under Title II
CTAS-2034 - Title II Requirements
CTAS-2033 - ADA Title II
CTAS-2031 - Periodic Testing and Monitoring under the ADA
CTAS-2030 - Insurance and Sick Leave
CTAS-203 - Disaster Preparedness
CTAS-2029 - Drug and Alcohol Use
CTAS-2028 - Safety Concerns
CTAS-2027 - FAQ's about Medical Examinations under the ADA
CTAS-2026 - Job-Related Medical Examinations
CTAS-2025 - Medical Examinations Defined
CTAS-2024 - Disability-Related Inquiry
CTAS-2023 - Medical Examinations under ADA
CTAS-2022 - Undue Hardship
CTAS-2021 - Providing Reasonable Accommodation
CTAS-2020 - Asking for an Accommodation
CTAS-202 - Retention Schedules
CTAS-2019 - Reasonable Accommodation Definition
CTAS-2018 - Reasonable Accommodation and Undue Hardship
CTAS-2013 - ADA Definitions
CTAS-2012 - Purpose of ADA
CTAS-2007 - Sources of Revenue for the Highway Department
CTAS-200 - Elections
CTAS-20 - Other Duties-CLB
CTAS-1998 - GASB 54 Statement
CTAS-1995 - Addenda to Bid Documents
CTAS-1994 - Staying in Compliance with GASB Statement 34
CTAS-1993 - Management Discussion and Analysis
CTAS-1992 - Internal Service Fund Reporting
CTAS-1991 - Outstanding Long-term Debt Reporting
CTAS-1990 - Leave, Sick and Compensatory Time Liability Reporting
CTAS-199 - Revenue
CTAS-1989 - Modified Approach to Reporting Infrastructure
CTAS-1988 - Bridges
CTAS-1987 - Right-of-ways and Other Easements
CTAS-1986 - Roads
CTAS-1985 - Infrastructure
CTAS-1984 - Identify Available Software to Account for Capital Assets
CTAS-1983 - Procedures for Recording New/Donated/Transferred/Disposed of Assets
CTAS-1982 - Procedures to Maintain Capital Assets Records on a Current Basis
CTAS-1981 - Procedures to Tag and Track Movable Assets
CTAS-1980 - Methods to Determine Historical Costs or Estimated Historical Costs
CTAS-198 - Structure of County Government
CTAS-1979 - Procedures to Identify Existing Capital Assets and Infrastructure
CTAS-1978 - Depreciation Methods and Rates
CTAS-1977 - Capitalization Thresholds
CTAS-1976 - Capital Assets
CTAS-1975 - GASB 34
CTAS-197 - Records Management
CTAS-196 - Purchasing Principles and Techniques
CTAS-195 - Procurement Process
CTAS-194 - Purchasing Specifications and Standards
CTAS-193 - Legal Authority for Specific Purchasing Issues
CTAS-191 - Trends in County Purchasing
CTAS-1905 - Madison County Private Acts
CTAS-190 - Professional Purchasing Organizations and Publications
CTAS-19 - Budgeting and Levying Taxes-CLB
CTAS-189 - Legal Framework for Purchasing
CTAS-188 - Drug Law Enforcement and Drug Abuse Prevention
CTAS-187 - Emergency Communications Districts
CTAS-186 - Emergency Management (Civil Defense)
CTAS-1854 - Bledsoe County Private Acts
CTAS-1852 - Disbursement Warrants under Financial Management System of 1981
CTAS-1851 - Disbursement Warrants under Fiscal Control Acts of 1957
CTAS-1850 - Schools Disbursement Warrants
CTAS-185 - Fire Safety
CTAS-1849 - Highway Department Disbursement Warrants
CTAS-1848 - Sheriff’s Confidential Bank Account
CTAS-1847 - County Roads - Weight Limits
CTAS-1846 - County Mayor - Disbursement Warrants
CTAS-1845 - Bank Account for Property Tax Collections
CTAS-1844 - County Officials Bank Accounts
CTAS-1843 - Optional Checking System
CTAS-1841 - Disbursement Warrants
CTAS-1840 - State Highways - Weight Limits
CTAS-184 - Jail Administration
CTAS-1839 - County Bank Accounts
CTAS-183 - Law Enforcement
CTAS-182 - Miscellaneous Personnel Issues
CTAS-181 - Retirement
CTAS-1802 - Recommended Best Practices
CTAS-1801 - Debt Committee
CTAS-1800 - Capital Projects Committee
CTAS-180 - Workers' Compensation
CTAS-18 - Procedure and Voting Requirements-CLB
CTAS-1799 - Debt Management Policy
CTAS-1798 - Fund Balance Policy
CTAS-1797 - Capital Improvement Plan/Budget
CTAS-1796 - Fixed Asset Policy
CTAS-1795 - Policies and Committee Considerations
CTAS-1794 - Summary of Steps in Issuing Debt
CTAS-1793 - Cost Associated with Bonds and Loans
CTAS-1792 - Time Frame for Receiving Monies
CTAS-1791 - Loans
CTAS-1790 - Bond Sales
CTAS-179 - Jurisdiction and Authority of the Public Records Commission
CTAS-1789 - Underwriter
CTAS-1788 - Financial Advisor
CTAS-1787 - Borrowing in the Bond Market or from a Loan Pool
CTAS-1786 - Issuance of Bonds (General Obligation Bonds) and Loan Agreements
CTAS-1785 - Financial Leases
CTAS-1784 - Inter-Fund Capital Outlay Note
CTAS-1783 - Issuance of Notes
CTAS-1782 - Comptroller's Office Filing
CTAS-1781 - Tax Exempt Debt
CTAS-1780 - How to Borrow the Money
CTAS-178 - Holidays
CTAS-1779 - Special Consideration on School Debt, T.C.A. § 49-3-1005
CTAS-1778 - Local Government Obligations Acts of 1986 and Title 49 Education
CTAS-1777 - Selling the Project
CTAS-1776 - Selling the Project and Borrowing Money
CTAS-1775 - Prior Budgets and Audits
CTAS-1774 - Issuance Documents
CTAS-1773 - Annual Audits
CTAS-1772 - GASB34 in Debt Management
CTAS-1771 - Inventory and Insurance Schedules
CTAS-1770 - Data for Debt Management Plan
CTAS-177 - Employee Leave
CTAS-1769 - Establish a Debt Service Payment Calendar
CTAS-1768 - Find Out your Debt Rating
CTAS-1767 - Determine Your Current Debt Position -Statistics and Ratios
CTAS-1766 - Develop a Multi-Year Debt Budget
CTAS-1765 - Develop a Capital Projects Improvement Plan and Budget
CTAS-1764 - Managing Your County's Debt
CTAS-1763 - Posting a Budget for Borrowed Funds and Annual Appropriations
CTAS-1762 - Accounting Posting for the Receipt of Borrowed Funds
CTAS-1761 - Legal Authority Guidance
CTAS-1760 - Unfunded Pension or Other Post Employment Benefits (OPEB)
CTAS-176 - Personnel Policies
CTAS-1759 - Debt Service Accounting Relationship
CTAS-1758 - Fund Structure
CTAS-1753 - Budgets
CTAS-1752 - Accounting for Debt
CTAS-1751 - Debt Percentage and Interest Rate Mixture Spectrums
CTAS-1750 - Accounting Theory/Philosophy-Matching Principle
CTAS-175 - Miscellaneous Authority
CTAS-1749 - Basic Debt Practices and Beliefs
CTAS-1748 - Terminology
CTAS-1747 - Terminology, Theories, Philosophy and Beliefs
CTAS-1746 - Debt Management
CTAS-174 - Organization and Compensation
CTAS-1735 - Industrial Building Revenue Bond Act
CTAS-1734 - Industrial Building Bond Act of 1955
CTAS-1733 - Industrial Development Corporations
CTAS-1732 - Economic Development Bonds
CTAS-1731 - School Bonds
CTAS-1730 - Other Bonds
CTAS-173 - Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
CTAS-1729 - Lease/Purchase Agreements
CTAS-1728 - Federal Loans
CTAS-1727 - Tennessee Local Development Authority Loans
CTAS-1726 - Tax (Revenue) Anticipation Notes
CTAS-1725 - Grant Anticipation Notes
CTAS-1724 - Refunding Bonds - General Obligation and Revenue
CTAS-1723 - Revenue Bonds
CTAS-1722 - Bond Anticipation Notes
CTAS-1721 - Capital Outlay (C.O.) Notes
CTAS-1720 - Bonds Issued Under Local Government Public Obligations Act of 1986
CTAS-172 - Drug Testing
CTAS-1719 - Project Budget
CTAS-1718 - Construction Manager/Owner’s Representative
CTAS-1717 - Capital Construction Management
CTAS-1716 - General Obligation (G.O.) Bonds
CTAS-1715 - Capital Funding Sources and Debt Financing
CTAS-1714 - Accounting Procedures for Capital Improvement Projects
CTAS-1713 - Encumbrances
CTAS-1712 - Capital Accounting by Sub-Funds
CTAS-1711 - Flow of Money
CTAS-1710 - Budgeting and Accounting for Capital Improvements
CTAS-171 - Workplace Harassment
CTAS-1709 - Capital Improvements Plan Policy Considerations
CTAS-1705 - Establishing a Capital Improvements Plan
CTAS-1704 - The CIP Cycle
CTAS-1703 - Factors Creating the Need for a Capital Improvements Plan (CIP)
CTAS-1702 - Reasons for a Capital Improvements Plan (CIP)
CTAS-1701 - Legal Authority for a Capital Improvements Plan (CIP)
CTAS-1700 - Disadvantages of a Capital Improvements Plan (CIP)
CTAS-170 - Employment Discrimination
CTAS-17 - Private Act Approvals-CLB
CTAS-1699 - Advantages of a Capital Improvements Plan (CIP)
CTAS-1698 - Definitions for Capital Budgets
CTAS-1697 - What is a Capital Improvements Plan?
CTAS-1696 - Capital Budgets
CTAS-169 - Disability Discrimination
CTAS-168 - Fixed Salary for Fluctuating Hours
CTAS-165 - Overtime Provisions
CTAS-1649 - Ethics Policies for School Districts
CTAS-1648 - County Sheriff's Civil Service Board
CTAS-1647 - County Bounty Committee
CTAS-1646 - Community Corrections Advisory Board
CTAS-1643 - Accounting for Fees
CTAS-1642 - Marriage License Taxes
CTAS-1641 - County Litigation Taxes
CTAS-1640 - State Litigation Tax
CTAS-164 - Minimum Wage Provisions
CTAS-1639 - Hotel/Motel Tax
CTAS-1638 - Hall Income Tax
CTAS-1637 - Development Taxes and Infrastructure Funding
CTAS-1636 - Excise Tax Applied to Financial Institutions
CTAS-1635 - Business Tax
CTAS-1634 - County Motor Vehicle Privilege Tax (Wheel Tax)
CTAS-1633 - Mobile Home Registration Fee
CTAS-1632 - Motor Vehicle Title and Registration Taxes
CTAS-1631 - Tobacco Tax
CTAS-1630 - Beer Permit Privilege Tax
CTAS-1629 - Wholesale Beer Tax
CTAS-1628 - Beer Tax (Barrels Tax)
CTAS-1627 - Mixed Drink Tax (Liquor-by-the-Drink Tax)
CTAS-1626 - Alcoholic Beverage Tax
CTAS-1624 - Highway User Fuel Tax
CTAS-1623 - Compressed Natural Gas Tax
CTAS-1622 - Liquefied Gas Tax
CTAS-1621 - Special Privilege Tax on Petroleum Products
CTAS-1620 - Diesel Tax
CTAS-162 - Ethics
CTAS-1619 - Gasoline Tax
CTAS-1618 - Local Option Sales Tax
CTAS-1617 - Streamlining Sales Tax
CTAS-1616 - State Sales and Use Tax
CTAS-1615 - County Mineral Severance Tax (Private Act)
CTAS-1614 - County Mineral Severance Tax (General Law)
CTAS-1613 - Oil and Gas Severance Tax
CTAS-1612 - Coal Severance Tax
CTAS-1611 - Municipal Electric and Gas System Tax Equivalent Payments
CTAS-1610 - Security Interest Sales
CTAS-161 - Environment
CTAS-1609 - Transfer of Business Liability
CTAS-1608 - Methods of Collection
CTAS-1607 - Collection of Delinquent Personal Property Taxes
CTAS-1606 - Miscellaneous Matters
CTAS-1605 - Statute of Limitations
CTAS-1604 - Escheat of Funds
CTAS-1603 - Redemption
CTAS-1602 - Setting Aside a Tax Sale
CTAS-1601 - Confirmation of Sale and Tax Deed
CTAS-1600 - Tax Sale Ledger
CTAS-160 - County Buildings, Property and Space Allocations
CTAS-16 - Committees-CLB
CTAS-1599 - The Tax Sale
CTAS-1598 - Report Under Reference
CTAS-1597 - Receivership
CTAS-1596 - Fees and Additional Expenses of the Tax Suit
CTAS-1595 - Annual List of Property in Tax Suits
CTAS-1594 - Notice of Tax Suit
CTAS-1593 - Delinquent Tax Suit
CTAS-1592 - Certificate for Timber Cutting
CTAS-1591 - Municipal Taxes Collected as Part of Tax Suit
CTAS-1590 - Delivery of Delinquent Tax List to Attorney and Acceptance of Delinquent Taxes
CTAS-159 - Purchasing
CTAS-1589 - Notice Requirements
CTAS-1588 - Tax Lien
CTAS-1587 - Delinquent Tax Attorney
CTAS-1586 - Publication of the Delinquent Tax List
CTAS-1585 - Delinquent Tax Deputies and Delinquent Tax List
CTAS-1584 - Collection of Delinquent Real Property Taxes
CTAS-1583 - Refunds of Tax Payments
CTAS-1582 - Settlement of Taxes
CTAS-1581 - Interest - Delinquent Taxes
CTAS-1580 - Delinquency Date
CTAS-158 - Public Safety
CTAS-1579 - Early Payment and Discounts for Early Payment
CTAS-1578 - Receipts
CTAS-1577 - Trustee's Commission
CTAS-1576 - Payment of Taxes
CTAS-1575 - Tax Due Date
CTAS-1574 - Tax Roll
CTAS-1573 - Collection of Property Taxes
CTAS-1572 - Special School Districts
CTAS-1571 - Levy in Excess of the Certified Rate
CTAS-1570 - Certified Tax Rate
CTAS-157 - Personnel/HR
CTAS-1569 - The Tax Levy
CTAS-1568 - Chapter 659 Deferral
CTAS-1567 - Chapter 831 Deferral
CTAS-1566 - Real Property Tax Deferral
CTAS-1565 - Property Tax Freeze Act
CTAS-1564 - Additional Tax Relief
CTAS-1563 - Disabled Veterans
CTAS-1562 - Disabled Homeowners
CTAS-1561 - Elderly Low-Income Homeowners
CTAS-1560 - Administrative Provisions
CTAS-156 - Accounting/Budget/Finance
CTAS-1559 - Tax Relief
CTAS-1558 - In Lieu of Tax or Tax Equivalent Payments
CTAS-1557 - Leased Tangible Personal Property
CTAS-1556 - Educational Museums
CTAS-1555 - Museums
CTAS-1554 - Family Wellness Centers
CTAS-1553 - Economic Development
CTAS-1552 - Nonprofit Community and Performing Arts Organizations
CTAS-1551 - Historic Properties Owned by Charitable Institutions
CTAS-1550 - Property Owned by a Charitable Organization for Low-Income Housing
CTAS-155 - County Operations
CTAS-1549 - Property Held in Foreign Trade Zone
CTAS-1548 - Airport Runways and Aprons
CTAS-1547 - Historic Properties
CTAS-1546 - Property in Transit
CTAS-1545 - Growing Crops
CTAS-1544 - Personal Bank Accounts and Other Personal Property
CTAS-1543 - Cemeteries and Monuments
CTAS-1542 - Property of Certain Educational Institutions
CTAS-1541 - Charitable Institution Defined
CTAS-1540 - Revocation of Exemption
CTAS-1539 - Administrative and Judicial Review
CTAS-1538 - Deadlines for Filing Application
CTAS-1537 - Application for Exemption
CTAS-1536 - Religious, Charitable, Scientific, Educational Institutions
CTAS-1535 - Charter or Contract Exemptions
CTAS-1534 - Private Act Hospital Authorities
CTAS-1533 - Property Used to Recycle Waste Products
CTAS-1532 - Low Cost Housing for Elderly Persons
CTAS-1531 - Housing Authorities
CTAS-1530 - Government Bonds and Notes
CTAS-1529 - Public Ways
CTAS-1528 - Government Property
CTAS-1527 - Trust Estates
CTAS-1526 - Real Property Transferred between Exempt and Nonexempt Persons
CTAS-1525 - Exemptions
CTAS-1524 - Exemptions and Tax Relief
CTAS-1523 - Judicial Review
CTAS-1522 - Refund of Property Taxes after Final Action
CTAS-1521 - Penalties and Interest
CTAS-1520 - Finality of Board Action—Collection of Taxes
CTAS-1519 - Record of Board Actions
CTAS-1518 - Certification of Board Action
CTAS-1517 - Changes of Individual Classification or Assessment
CTAS-1516 - Equalization Action by the State Board of Equalization
CTAS-1515 - Collection of Evidence and Information
CTAS-1514 - Hearing Examiners
CTAS-1513 - Assessment Appeals Commission
CTAS-1512 - Assistance of Agents
CTAS-1511 - Appeal to the State Board of Equalization
CTAS-1510 - State Board of Equalization
CTAS-1509 - Remand of Complaints to the County Board of Equalization
CTAS-1508 - Record of Board's Action
CTAS-1507 - Appeal to the State Board of Equalization
CTAS-1506 - Final Action and Notice to Taxpayer
CTAS-1505 - Time for Completion of Board Action and Certificate of Completion
CTAS-1504 - Disposition of Complaints
CTAS-1503 - Hearing Officers
CTAS-1502 - Complaints to the County Board of Equalization
CTAS-1501 - Assessor of Property—Assistance and Recommendations to the Board
CTAS-1500 - Duties and Powers
CTAS-150 - County Offices
CTAS-15 - Meetings and Notice Requirements -CLB
CTAS-1499 - Sessions
CTAS-1498 - Officers and Compensation
CTAS-1497 - Oath of Office
CTAS-1496 - County Board of Equalization
CTAS-1495 - Appealing an Assessment
CTAS-1494 - Reappraisal
CTAS-1493 - State Division of Property Assessments
CTAS-1492 - Back Assessment or Reassessment
CTAS-1491 - Correction of Erroneous Assessments
CTAS-1490 - Pilot Program for Assessing Leased Tangible Personal Property
CTAS-1489 - Leased Personal Property
CTAS-1488 - Tangible Personal Property/Assessor
CTAS-1487 - Present Use Valuation for Certain Residential Property
CTAS-1486 - Rollback Taxes
CTAS-1485 - Present Use Valuation
CTAS-1484 - Classification of Open Space
CTAS-1483 - Classification of Forest Land
CTAS-1482 - Classification of Agricultural Land
CTAS-1481 - Greenbelt
CTAS-1480 - Mineral Interests
CTAS-1479 - Assessment of Leasehold
CTAS-1478 - Assessing Mobile Homes
CTAS-1477 - Assessing Improvements
CTAS-1476 - Records and Notice of Assessment
CTAS-1475 - County Assessor
CTAS-1474 - Assessment
CTAS-1473 - Pollution Control
CTAS-1472 - Tangible Personal Property
CTAS-1471 - Public Utility and Common Carrier Property
CTAS-1470 - Real Property
CTAS-147 - Wages and Overtime
CTAS-1469 - Property Classification
CTAS-1468 - Information to At-Risk Employees Regarding Infectious Diseases
CTAS-1467 - DUI Convicts Performing Litter Removal
CTAS-1466 - Travel Restrictions-Workhouse
CTAS-1465 - Jail Fees -Workhouses
CTAS-1464 - Charging Inmates for Issued Items-Workhouse
CTAS-1463 - Medical Care of Workhouse Prisoners
CTAS-1462 - Care of Workhouse Prisoners
CTAS-1461 - Transfer to Department of Correction
CTAS-1460 - Work Release Programs by Counties
CTAS-146 - Public Safety Employees
CTAS-1459 - Contracts with Other Governmental Agencies
CTAS-1458 - Grounds for Refusal to Release Prisoner
CTAS-1457 - Employment of Prisoners in Another County
CTAS-1456 - Alternative Work Release Procedures
CTAS-1455 - Wages or Salary of Employed Prisoners - Cost for Boarding
CTAS-1454 - DUI Offenders
CTAS-1453 - Felony Prisoners
CTAS-1452 - Misdemeanor Prisoners
CTAS-1451 - Work Release
CTAS-1450 - Inmate Labor for Private Purposes Prohibited-Workhouse
CTAS-145 - Seasonal Recreational Employees
CTAS-1449 - Other Work Permitted-Workhouse
CTAS-1448 - Punishment for Refusing to Work-Workhouse
CTAS-1447 - Disciplinary Review Board-Workhouse
CTAS-1446 - Good Time Credit-Workhouse
CTAS-1445 - Sentence Reduction Credits-Workhouse
CTAS-1444 - Contracts with Department of Transportation
CTAS-1443 - Work Contracts with Other Counties
CTAS-1442 - Litter Grant Program
CTAS-1441 - Jail Maintenance Work-Workhouse
CTAS-1440 - Road Work-Workhouse
CTAS-144 - Highly Compensated Worker Exemption
CTAS-1439 - Convicted Prisoners-Workhouse
CTAS-1438 - Labor Prescribed for Workhouse Prisoners
CTAS-1437 - Sentence to County Workhouse
CTAS-1436 - Workhouse Superintendent
CTAS-1435 - Operation of Workhouse Under Control of Sheriff
CTAS-1434 - Operation of Workhouse Under Control of County Mayor
CTAS-1433 - Board of Workhouse Commissioners
CTAS-1432 - Workhouses
CTAS-1431 - Standards Compliance-Tennessee Corrections Institute
CTAS-1430 - Tennessee Minimum Standards for Local Correctional Facilities
CTAS-143 - Computer Employee Exemption
CTAS-1429 - Board of Control - TN Corrections Institute
CTAS-1427 - County Jail Inspectors
CTAS-1426 - Jail Fees
CTAS-1425 - Furloughs
CTAS-1424 - Travel Restrictions
CTAS-1423 - Prison Litigation Reform Act
CTAS-1422 - Monitoring Telephone Calls to Attorneys
CTAS-1421 - Telephone Calls to Attorneys
CTAS-1420 - Access to Counsel
CTAS-142 - Professional Employee Exemption
CTAS-1419 - Access to the Courts
CTAS-1418 - Access to the Courts and Attorneys
CTAS-1417 - Monitoring Inmate Telephone Conversations
CTAS-1416 - Telephone Use
CTAS-1415 - Regulation of Visitors
CTAS-1414 - Monitoring Inmate Conversations
CTAS-1413 - Regulation of Inmate Visitation
CTAS-1412 - Visitation
CTAS-1411 - Outgoing Legal Mail
CTAS-1410 - Correspondence From Attorneys
CTAS-141 - Administrative Employee Exemption
CTAS-1409 - Correspondence From State and Federal Courts
CTAS-1408 - Correspondence From County Clerks
CTAS-1407 - Correspondence From Legal Organizations
CTAS-1406 - Legal Mail
CTAS-1405 - Mail
CTAS-1404 - Correspondence and Visitors
CTAS-1403 - Corporal Punishment and Use of Force
CTAS-1402 - Inmate Discipline
CTAS-1401 - Penalties for Violating Inmate Labor for Private Purposes
CTAS-1400 - Inmate Labor for Private Purposes Prohibited
CTAS-140 - Executive Employee Exemption
CTAS-14 - Chair-CLB
CTAS-1399 - Other Work Permitted for Inmates
CTAS-1398 - Punishment for Refusing to Work
CTAS-1397 - Disciplinary Review Board
CTAS-1396 - Good Time Credit
CTAS-1395 - Sentence Reduction Credits
CTAS-1394 - Jail Maintenance Work
CTAS-1393 - Road Work
CTAS-1392 - Convicted Prisoners
CTAS-1391 - Pretrial Detainees
CTAS-1390 - Inmate Labor
CTAS-139 - The Primary Duty Requirement
CTAS-1389 - Fire Safety
CTAS-1388 - Jail Crowding
CTAS-1387 - Guard for Removal of Prisoner
CTAS-1386 - Sufficient Jails
CTAS-1385 - Employment of Guard
CTAS-1384 - Safety of Inmates
CTAS-1383 - Charging Inmates for Issued Items
CTAS-1382 - Dental Care of Inmates
CTAS-1381 - Psychiatric Care of Inmates
CTAS-1380 - Reimbursement for State Inmate Medical Care
CTAS-138 - The Salary Basis Requirement
CTAS-1379 - Inmate Copay
CTAS-1378 - County Liability for Inmate Medical Care
CTAS-1377 - First Aid Training
CTAS-1376 - Medical Records
CTAS-1375 - Medications
CTAS-1374 - Sick Call
CTAS-1373 - Physical Examination
CTAS-1372 - Medical Segregation
CTAS-1371 - Medical Screening
CTAS-1370 - Medical Care of Inmates
CTAS-137 - Executive, Administrative and Professional Exemptions
CTAS-1369 - Cleanliness
CTAS-1368 - Food and Bedding
CTAS-1367 - Support of Inmates
CTAS-1366 - Cell Searches
CTAS-1365 - Monitoring of Inmates by Guards of the Opposite Sex
CTAS-1364 - Supervision of Inmates
CTAS-1363 - Segregation of Sexes
CTAS-1362 - Classification of Inmates
CTAS-1361 - Collection of Biological Specimens for DNA Analysis
CTAS-1360 - Clothing Exchange
CTAS-136 - Exempt Employees
CTAS-1359 - Body Cavity Searches
CTAS-1358 - Felony Arrestees
CTAS-1357 - Misdemeanor Arrestees
CTAS-1356 - Strip Searches (Visual Body Cavity Search)
CTAS-1355 - Pat Down Searches
CTAS-1354 - Inventory Searches
CTAS-1353 - Intake
CTAS-1352 - Telephone Call
CTAS-1351 - Fingerprinting
CTAS-1350 - Booking
CTAS-135 - Prisoners
CTAS-1349 - Filing of Mittimus
CTAS-1348 - Report by Sheriff to Department of Correction
CTAS-1347 - Place of Confinement - Felony Offenders
CTAS-1346 - Commitment of Defendant to Jail
CTAS-1345 - Juvenile Detention Facilities
CTAS-1344 - Detention of Juveniles
CTAS-1343 - Federal Prisoners
CTAS-1342 - Removal to the State Penitentiary
CTAS-1341 - Delayed Commitment to the Department of Correction
CTAS-1340 - Convicts En Route to the Penitentiary
CTAS-134 - Volunteers
CTAS-1339 - Persons Confined to Jail
CTAS-1338 - Appointment of Jailer
CTAS-1337 - Replacement of Jail
CTAS-1336 - Jail Specifications
CTAS-1335 - Location of Jail
CTAS-1334 - Duty to Build and Maintain Jail
CTAS-1333 - Jail Management
CTAS-1332 - Jailers' Fees
CTAS-1331 - Other Authorized Fees
CTAS-1330 - Judgments Paid after Execution Issued
CTAS-133 - Elected Officials and Their Personal Staff
CTAS-1329 - Fees on Collection of Costs
CTAS-1328 - Specific Fees Authorized
CTAS-1327 - Sheriff's Fees
CTAS-1326 - Sheriff’s Fees for Service of Process
CTAS-1325 - Tennessee Code Quick Reference for Service of Civil Process
CTAS-1324 - The Public Duty Doctrine
CTAS-1323 - Domestic Violence Victim Notification
CTAS-1322 - Ex Parte Orders and “Actual Knowledge”
CTAS-1321 - The Duty to Arrest a Respondent Who Violates an Order of Protection
CTAS-1320 - Scope, Duration, and Enforceability of Protective Orders
CTAS-132 - Independent Contractors
CTAS-1319 - TCIC and NCIC
CTAS-1318 - Serving the Order
CTAS-1317 - Ex Parte Protective Orders and Standard Orders of Protection
CTAS-1316 - Venue: Where the Petition May Be Filed
CTAS-1315 - Parties Who May Petition for an Order of Protection
CTAS-1314 - Legislative Intent
CTAS-1313 - Definitions for Orders of Protection
CTAS-1312 - Orders of Protection
CTAS-1311 - Writs of Restitution
CTAS-1310 - Child Custody Transfer Orders
CTAS-131 - Non-Covered Workers
CTAS-1309 - Service of High-Risk Process
CTAS-1308 - Serving a Company
CTAS-1307 - Witnesses and Parties
CTAS-1306 - Service of Process by an Employee of a Party Is Prohibited
CTAS-1305 - No Shopping Allowed
CTAS-1304 - Never on Sunday
CTAS-1303 - Warrantless Searches
CTAS-1302 - Levy On Disputed Property
CTAS-1301 - Keep It Simple
CTAS-1300 - Avoiding Difficulties, Dilemmas, and Disasters
CTAS-130 - Application of the FLSA
CTAS-13 - Compensation-CLB
CTAS-1299 - Return of Service
CTAS-1298 - How a Dispute Becomes a Lawsuit: The Complaint and Summons
CTAS-1297 - Sheriff’s Duty to Serve Civil Process
CTAS-1296 - Definitions for Civil Process
CTAS-1295 - Service of Civil Process
CTAS-1294 - Special Deputies
CTAS-1293 - Shooting Ranges
CTAS-1292 - Notice of Seizure
CTAS-1291 - Seizure of Vehicle
CTAS-1290 - Forfeiture Warrant
CTAS-129 - Calculating Overtime Pay
CTAS-1289 - Seizure of Controlled Substances and Related Property
CTAS-1288 - Seizure of Conveyance Used in Robbery or Felony Theft
CTAS-1287 - Regulation of Private Security Guards
CTAS-1286 - Motor Vehicles
CTAS-1285 - Investigations of Adult-Oriented Establishments
CTAS-1284 - Inspection of Pawnbroker’s Records
CTAS-1283 - Inspection of Gun Dealer’s Records
CTAS-1282 - Exchange of Officers With Other Law Enforcement Agencies
CTAS-1281 - Disposition of Stolen Property in Possession of Pawnbroker
CTAS-1280 - Disposal of Property
CTAS-128 - Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
CTAS-1279 - Authority to Authorize Deputies to Carry Handguns
CTAS-1278 - Assignment of Officers to Judicial District Drug Task Force
CTAS-1277 - Statutory Powers
CTAS-1276 - Ex Officio Duties
CTAS-1275 - Transportation of Juveniles
CTAS-1274 - Transportation of Persons with a Mental Illness
CTAS-1273 - Summoning Jurors
CTAS-1272 - Reporting of Stolen and Recovered Motor Vehicles
CTAS-1271 - Reports to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation
CTAS-1270 - Registration of Sexual Offenders and Violent Sexual Offenders
CTAS-127 - Personnel Management in Counties
CTAS-1269 - Quarantine of Property Where Meth Was Manufactured
CTAS-1268 - Prevention of Forest Fires
CTAS-1267 - Notification to Next of Kin - Serious Accidents
CTAS-1266 - Investigation of Osteopathic Physicians
CTAS-1265 - Investigation of Drug Trademark Counterfeiting Cases
CTAS-1264 - Investigation of Child Abuse
CTAS-1263 - Intoxicating Liquors
CTAS-1262 - Handgun Carry Permit Application Checks
CTAS-1261 - Execution of Class 3 Weapons Purchase Documents
CTAS-1260 - Enforcement of Wildlife Laws
CTAS-126 - Public Employee Political Activity
CTAS-1259 - Enforcement of Hunting Laws
CTAS-1258 - Enforcement of Ammunition Tax Laws
CTAS-1257 - Disposition of Vehicles
CTAS-1256 - Disposition of Controlled Substances and Related Property
CTAS-1255 - Disposition of Conveyance Used in Robbery or Felony Theft
CTAS-1254 - Disposition of Confiscated Weapons
CTAS-1253 - Disposal of Alcoholic Beverages
CTAS-1252 - Disposal of Unlawful Telecommunications Devices
CTAS-1251 - Disposal of Physical Evidence
CTAS-1250 - Courtroom Security Committee
CTAS-125 - Employment at Will
CTAS-1249 - Additional Statutory Duties
CTAS-1248 - Duties Upon Leaving Office-Sheriff
CTAS-1247 - Training Officers and Instructors
CTAS-1246 - Process Servers and Warrant Officers
CTAS-1245 - Salary Supplement-Jail Personnel
CTAS-1244 - Training
CTAS-1243 - Nurse and Cook
CTAS-1242 - Guard
CTAS-1241 - Jailer Qualifications and Training Requirements
CTAS-1240 - Jail Personnel
CTAS-124 - County Employee Compensation
CTAS-1239 - Dispatchers
CTAS-1238 - Criminal Investigators and Detectives
CTAS-1237 - Bailiffs
CTAS-1236 - Special Deputies - Emergency Appointment Under T.C.A. § 8-22-110
CTAS-1235 - Special Deputies Appointed Under T.C.A. § 8-8-212
CTAS-1234 - Reserve, Auxiliary, Part-Time, Temporary Deputy Sheriffs
CTAS-1233 - Off-Duty Employment
CTAS-1232 - Off-Duty Status
CTAS-1231 - Salary Supplement-Deputy Sheriffs
CTAS-1230 - Authority to Carry Handguns
CTAS-123 - Personnel Authority in Counties
CTAS-1229 - In-Service Training Requirements
CTAS-1228 - Bond-Deputy Sheriff
CTAS-1227 - Recruit Training and Certification
CTAS-1226 - Minimum Qualifications
CTAS-1225 - Deputy Sheriffs
CTAS-1224 - Removal of Deputies and Assistants
CTAS-1223 - Funding for Salaries - Writ of Mandamus
CTAS-1222 - Letters of Agreement
CTAS-1221 - Employment of Deputies and Assistants
CTAS-1219 - Salary Suits
CTAS-1218 - Funding for the Office of Sheriff
CTAS-1217 - Newly Elected Sheriffs’ School
CTAS-1216 - Elections-Sheriff
CTAS-1215 - Geographic Information Systems Records
CTAS-1214 - Open Records Requirement
CTAS-1213 - Vital Records Protection
CTAS-1212 - Contingency Plans
CTAS-1211 - Establishing Archives
CTAS-1210 - Records Centers
CTAS-1209 - Identity Theft and Unauthorized Access to Electronic Records
CTAS-1208 - Electronic Signatures and Transactions
CTAS-1207 - Records Management and E-Mail
CTAS-1206 - Other Issues Relative to Electronic Records
CTAS-1205 - Why Electronic Formats May Not Be Well Suited for Permanent Records
CTAS-1204 - Electronic Conversion of Paper Records
CTAS-1203 - Creating Records in an Electronic Format
CTAS-1202 - Electronic Records
CTAS-1201 - Technical Guidelines
CTAS-1200 - State Laws Regarding the Photographic Preservation of Records
CTAS-12 - Qualifications-CLB
CTAS-1199 - Microfilm
CTAS-1198 - Alternative Formats and Temporary Records
CTAS-1197 - Other Miscellaneous Special Considerations
CTAS-1196 - Exhibits and Evidence in Court Cases
CTAS-1195 - Financial Records and Audits
CTAS-1194 - Special Considerations
CTAS-1193 - Methods of Destruction
CTAS-1192 - Permanent Records
CTAS-1191 - Temporary Records
CTAS-1190 - Working Papers
CTAS-1189 - Continuing Maintenance
CTAS-1188 - Develop Written Policies and Procedures
CTAS-1187 - Records Disposition Authorizations (RDAs)
CTAS-1186 - Filing Equipment
CTAS-1185 - Filing Systems
CTAS-1184 - Inventory
CTAS-1183 - Evaluate
CTAS-1182 - Tennessee Statutes Affecting Education Records
CTAS-1181 - Educational Records of Disabled Students
CTAS-1180 - Model Notice for Directory Information
CTAS-1179 - Model Notification of Rights under FERPA for Elementary and Secondary Schools
CTAS-1178 - The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
CTAS-1177 - Credit Card Numbers and Credit Reports
CTAS-1175 - County Hospital and Health Department Records and Ambulance Records
CTAS-1174 - Domestic Violence Prevention and Protection Documents
CTAS-1173 - Law Enforcement Personnel Records
CTAS-1172 - Vital Records
CTAS-1171 - Motor Vehicle Registration Records
CTAS-1170 - Personally Identifying Information
CTAS-117 - Asphalt Plants
CTAS-1169 - Special Considerations and Specific Types of Confidential Records
CTAS-1168 - Maintenance of Confidentiality
CTAS-1167 - Confidential Records
CTAS-1166 - To What Records Is the Public Entitled Access?
CTAS-1165 - Denial of Access to Public Records—Liability
CTAS-1164 - Remote Access to Computerized Records
CTAS-1163 - Providing Access to Electronic or Computerized Records
CTAS-1162 - Providing Access to Records in Non-Paper Formats
CTAS-1161 - Expunging Court Records
CTAS-1160 - Special Issues in Providing Access to Court Records
CTAS-116 - Contracts with other Governmental Entities; No Private Use of Equipment
CTAS-1159 - Records with Commercial Value
CTAS-1158 - Charging for Copies
CTAS-1157 - Providing Copies of Public Records
CTAS-1156 - Limiting Risks
CTAS-1155 - How Should Access Be Provided?
CTAS-1154 - Who Has Access?
CTAS-1153 - Tennessee Public Records Statutes
CTAS-1152 - The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
CTAS-1151 - The Advantages of a Public Records Commission
CTAS-1150 - Establishing a Public Records Commission
CTAS-115 - Purchasing-Highways
CTAS-1149 - Funding
CTAS-1148 - Commercial Driver Licenses
CTAS-1147 - FIT, FICA Withholding, and Miscellaneous Reporting Matters
CTAS-1146 - Creation and Membership
CTAS-1145 - Laws that Govern How You Manage Your Records
CTAS-1144 - Laws that Require Records to Be Kept
CTAS-1143 - Sample Forms and Acknowledgments
CTAS-1142 - Sample Drug-Free Workplace and Drug Testing Policies
CTAS-1141 - Sample Policy - Sexual Harassment
CTAS-1140 - Sample Policy - Disability Accommodation
CTAS-114 - Duties of Appointed Highway Commissions
CTAS-1139 - Sample Policy - Religious Accommodation
CTAS-1138 - Sample Policy - Discrimination/Harassment Complaint Procedure
CTAS-1137 - Sample Policy - Hiring Practices
CTAS-1136 - Sample Policy - Equal Employment Opportunity
CTAS-1135 - Sample Non-Discrimination and Harassment Policies
CTAS-1134 - Sample Policy - Compensatory Time
CTAS-1133 - Sample Policy - Overtime
CTAS-1132 - Sample Policy - Workweek
CTAS-1131 - Sample Wage and Hour Policies
CTAS-1130 - Sample Policy - Military Leave
CTAS-113 - Duties of Popularly Elected Highway Commissions
CTAS-1129 - Sample Policy - Administrative Leave without Pay
CTAS-1128 - Sample Policy - Administrative Leave with Pay
CTAS-1127 - Sample Policy - In Line of Duty Injury Leave (for counties not covered by Workers’ Compensation)
CTAS-1126 - Sample Policy - In Line of Duty Injury Leave (for counties covered by Workers’ Compensation)
CTAS-1125 - Sample Policy - Jury and Court Duty
CTAS-1124 - Sample Policy - Voting Leave
CTAS-1123 - Sample Policy - Bereavement/Funeral Leave
CTAS-1122 - Sample Policy - Family and Medical Leave
CTAS-1121 - Sample Policy - Pregnancy Leave
CTAS-1120 - Sample Policy - Personal Leave
CTAS-112 - Personnel Management
CTAS-1119 - Sample Policy - Vacation/Annual Leave
CTAS-1118 - Sample Policy - Sick Leave
CTAS-1117 - Sample Policy - Holidays