Training Services

CTAS offers several training opportunities for county officials and their employees. Our programs cover a wide variety of topics related to county government, administrative operations, and technical skills. 

County Officials Certificate Training Program (COCTP)

The County Officials Certificate Training Program (COCTP) is a comprehensive training program administered by CTAS. COCTP is designed to provide specialized, technical, and managerial training to elected officials and their employees to help them run their office more effectively. It also offers a comprehensive review of county government. Graduates of COCTP earn the Certified Public Administrator designation.

Certified County Finance Officer Program (CCFO)

The Comptroller of the Treasury and CTAS have developed the Certified County Finance Officer (CCFO) program that will provide Tennessee’s county financial officers an opportunity to learn about accounting and financial reporting principles, understand how county governments are structured in Tennessee, and enhance their skills in order to carry out their responsibilities for the fiscal affairs of their county or department. CTAS administers the educational program and testing required to achieve the CCFO designation. The Comptroller’s Office has been designated as the certification authority.

Online Certificate Programs

CTAS offers three self-paced online certificate programs for county officials and their staffs. Each program is geared toward different groups of learners, with focus on a specific aspect of county government

County Elected Officials Certificate

The County Elected Officials Certificate Program is designed specifically for elected county officials to expand upon the training they receive at our County Officials Orientation Program (COOP).

County Administrative Professional Certificate

The County Administrative Professional Certificate is designed for individuals who want to develop skills for a variety of administrative job functions or professional growth in county government offices. 

Cybersecurity Awareness Training Certificate

The Cybersecurity Awareness Training Certificate is designed for individuals who want to have a solid understanding of cybersecurity, what it entails, and what you should do to prepare for a cyber-attack. 

Commissioner Training

Tennessee law requires newly elected or appointed county commissioners to complete orientation training provided by CTAS within 120 days of being elected or appointed. Training can be completed at the County Officials Orientation Program during election years or online through k@te.