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COVID-19 Leave Policies in Counties

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Due to the expiration of the FFCRA on December 31, 2020, counties are no longer required to provide paid leave to employees for COVID-19 related absences. However, counties can continue to provide paid leave to employees in accordance with their formally adopted personnel policies. 
Due to this, a number of officials have inquired about what actions other officials have taken regarding the extension of paid leave for employees. 
In an effort to provide more accurate information to those that have asked for assistance, we compiled a short survey regarding county office personnel policies and treatment of COVID-19 related absences. The results from this survey are available below. Click the button to download the survey results report.
CTAS Point of Contact
Kelsey Schweitzer
County Government Consultant

Survey At-A-Glance

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Presented below are charts illustrating the survey results. Please click the chart to enlarge it.