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10 South Bells Street
Alamo, TN 38001
(731) 696-5460

Crockett County Demographics

Year Originated: 1845
County Structure: Traditional
Development District: Northwest Tennessee Development District
Judicial District: 28
2020 Population: 13,911
2020 Population per Square Mile: 52.49
2010 Population: 14,586
County Road Miles: 403.00
Number of Parcels: 10,038

Incorporated Cities or Towns: Alamo (2461), Bells (2437), Friendship (668), Gadsden (470), Maury City (674)

Crockett County Legal Authority

Fiscal Procedures Law: General Law
Budgeting Law: General Law
Purchasing Law: County Purchasing Law of 1983
Crockett County Private Acts
County Mayor Gary M Reasons (731)696-5460
Hwy Chief Admin Off Milton Legions (731)696-2244
Administrator of Elections Laney Tucker (731) 696-5465
Assessor of Property Walter Yearwood (731) 696-5460
Circuit Court Clerk Mr. Kim Kail (731) 696-5462
Clerk & Master James Stephenson (731) 696-5458
County Clerk Dana D Branch (731) 696-5452
Director of Schools Robert F. Mullins Jr. (731) 696-2604
E911 Director Roger Hager
General Sessions Court Judge Paul B. Conley III (731) 696-3735
Register of Deeds Alan K Castellaw (731) 696-5455
Sheriff Troy N Klyce (731) 696-2104
Trustee Gary J Spraggins (731) 696-5454
Number of Commissioners: 24
Number of Commission Districts: 12
County Legislative Meeting Information: 6:30 p.m. Standard Time; 7:00 p.m. Daylight Savings Time - 3rd Monday in January, March, May, July, September, & November

County Commissioner Harvey D Bradshaw (731) 617-0049
County Commissioner Pat Smith Branch (731) 677-2263
County Commissioner James R Castellaw (731) 617-8801
County Commissioner Jonathan Dodd
County Commissioner Gary L Emison
County Commissioner Joseph W Gibson IV
County Commissioner David W Gilpin (731) 663-3226
County Commissioner William C Hooten Jr (731)345-1516
County Commissioner Ronde' Howell (731) 617-0177
County Commissioner William C Huff II (731)445-0720
County Commissioner Wayne Jernigan (731)617-8704
County Commissioner Ian Seth Jones
County Commissioner Jerrel P Little (731)656-4118
County Commissioner Phillip Darrell Lowery (731) 784-0439
County Commissioner Carolyn K Nance (731)696-5743
County Commissioner Cayce Nanney (731) 656-2560
County Commissioner Drew P Nanney `
County Commissioner Alex L Overton
County Commissioner Lonnie Harold Parks (731) 677-2520
County Commissioner William B Perry
County Commissioner Donald Prescott (731) 677-2205
County Commissioner Jane Smith (731)414-9500
County Commissioner Jimmy E Webb (731) 663-3212
County Commissioner Gary Neil Williams (731) 784-4346
County Commissioner Lee S Woods (731)677-3435
Highway Commissioner Lanny Beaird
Highway Commissioner Andy M Edwards (731) 663-2218
Highway Commissioner Daniel E Hazlewood

CTAS Consultants

County Government Consultant: Mike Galey
Environmental Consultant: Mike Stooksberry
Assessor Consultant: Joe Griffin
Criminal Justice Consultant: John Rose
Jail Administration Consultant: Jim Hart