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COCTP Enrollment

COCTP Contacts

Chris Payne
Training Consultant
Kimberly Henry
Training Consultant

The County Officials Certificate Training Program (COCTP) is a comprehensive training program administered by CTAS.

COCTP is designed to provide specialized, technical and managerial training to elected officials and their employees in order to help them run their office more effectively. It also offers a comprehensive review of county government. CTAS believes that a broader understanding of the mechanics of county government will afford COCTP graduates a better knowledge of the county as an entity, which will help them to better serve their constituency. Graduates of COCTP will obtain a thorough understanding of county government and be designated with the title of Certified Public Administrator.

COCTP Overview [PDF]

Please use this webform to enroll in COCTP. 

A $300 enrollment fee is required for all county officials who wish to obtain the designation of Certified Public Administrator in the County Officials Certificate Training Program (COCTP). This fee is a one-time payment used for course materials and to maintain the participant’s training history.

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