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COCTP Core Online Courses

Enrolled in our County Officials Certificate Training Program (COCTP) and needing credit hours? Below is a list of current COCTP Core courses that are being offered online in a self-paced environment. Participants taking these courses for COCTP Recertification credit will have to pass the course's exam with a 70% for credit.
Course Name Course Description Credits
The County Government Environment This self-paced course will review the legal and financial structure of county government in Tennessee as well as the primary responsibilities of various county offices. 4

County Purchasing This self-paced online course will provide elected officials, department heads, and employees with a basic understanding of procurement activities in county government. Topics will include purchasing techniques, the procurement process, the purchase order, specification development, organization of the Invitation to Bid (ITB), county records disposition relating to purchasing documents, ethics in purchasing, cooperative purchasing, dollar limit thresholds for county purchasing, general laws for county purchasing, general laws of local application for county purchasing, and many other purchasing areas and topics. 4

HR Overview: How To Recruit 'em and Retain 'em In this self-paced online course, we will review the current practices as well as tips and suggestions of best practices for various HR functions. We will also discuss and examine a myriad of topics including employee recruitment, attracting the best applicants, behavioral interviewing, the evaluation and selection process, onboarding beyond day one, performance management (all levels), rewards and recognition, and retention strategies. 4

Legal Issues for County Clerks In this self-paced online course, we will discuss legal issues that pertain to the County Clerks. Topics include the legal requirements and duties of the county clerk, financial and accounting issues, and beer and marriage. 4

Legal Issues for Registers of Deeds In the self-paced online course, we will discuss legal issues that pertain to clerks of court. Topics include the legal requirements and duties of clerks of court, types of documents processed by the office, recording requirements, financial issues, filing and indexing, and liability issues. 4

Preparing a County Operating Budget This self-paced online course will discuss items included in an operating budget; describe the different laws under which counties adopt and operate budgets; explain different components of a county budget, and discuss and identify acceptable budget practices. 4

Property Assessment & Taxation This online self-paced course will cover the office function and duties of the Assessor. We will discuss how the office works, the agencies associated with the Assessor's office, and how they interrelate, property and classifications, value, and actual valuation practices. 4