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County Elected Officials Certificate

County Elected Officials Certificate

The County Elected Officials Certificate Program is designed specifically for elected county officials to expand upon the training they receive at our County Officials Orientation Program (COOP).

COOP is an orientation program CTAS hosts every 4 years when there are county general elections. COOP, and CEOC, provide important continuing education for elected officials.

Participants earn this certificate upon completion of the required twenty-one (21) courses for a total of twenty-three and a half (23.5) credits. The program consists of a variety of topics directly related to the skillset elected officials need to perform their duties successfully.

This certification program is 100% online.

There is a $150 enrollment fee. It is open only to elected county officials.

For more information, contact us:

All courses are required for completing this program.

Course Name Credits
Overview of Personnel Issues 1
Overview of Public Meetings & Managing Public Records 1
Preparing for the Budget Season 1
Maintenance of Effort 1
Budget Committee: Working with Elected Officials and Department Heads 1.5
Approving, Submitting, and Managing the Budget 1.5
Letters of Agreement and Mid-year Raises 1
Basic Understanding of Governmental Fund Financial Statements 1
County Government Environment 1.5
Internal Controls and Audits 1
Purchasing and Risk Management 1.5
Cybersecurity for Small and Medium Businesses: Essential Training 1.5
Cybersecurity at Work 1
Cybersecurity Awareness: Building Your Cybersecurity Vocabulary 1
Decision-Making Strategies 1
Leading Yourself 1
Leadership Foundations 1
Unconscious Bias 0.5
Working with Upset Customers 1
Effective Listening 1
Communication Foundations 1.5