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Certified County Finance Officer (CCFO)


The Comptroller of the Treasury and CTAS have developed the Certified County Finance Officer (CCFO) program that will provide Tennessee’s county financial officers an opportunity to learn about accounting and financial reporting principles, understand how county governments are structured in Tennessee, and enhance their skills in order to carry out their responsibilities for the fiscal affairs of their county or department. CTAS administers the educational program and testing required to achieve the CCFO designation. The Comptroller’s Office has been designated as the certification authority.

How to Enroll
To enroll in the CCFO program, you need to create an account on the Comptroller’s CCFO website at Please be aware that you will need to have an e-mail account to sign up. The Comptroller recommends using a personal email account for account creation. Click the "Register" link at the top of the webpage to create an account.

What You Can Do on the Comptroller’s CCFO Website

  • Create an account
  • Execute an application for the CCFO certification program
  • Report Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours
  • Report changes in personal information

The Comptroller’s CCFO website is used to apply for the program, not to register for classes. After your account has been approved, you will need to wait for class registration information to become available via email.

All questions you have regarding the CCFO program website, forms, and applications should be directed to the Comptroller’s Division of Local Government Audit at (615) 401-7841 or questions may be submitted through

All questions regarding class schedules, registration, space availability, etc., should be directed to CTAS at 615-532-3555.

Register for CCFO Courses

Use the steps below to register for CCFO courses. If you have trouble, please email

  1. Go to
    • If you have a k@te account, login.
    • If you do not have a k@te account, please click here to create an account.
  2. Once logged in, click on Browse for Training.
  3. Click into the Search box at the upper right and enter your search terms.
  4. From the search results page, click the Add to Cart button by the course you wish to register for.
  5. Click on the shopping cart icon in the upper right.
  6. Click on Proceed to Checkout.
  7. Choose your payment method and click Next.
    • Credit Card Payments: Enter your credit card information. Click Next.
    • Request an Invoice: Click Next.
  8. Click Place Order.
  • If you pay by credit card, your registration status will automatically update to Registered.
  • If you pay by check, you may still attend the course, but your grade will not be posted until your payment has been processed. Your registration status will display as Pending Payment.
  • If your registration status is Approved, you are not registered -- Please click on Register to proceed.
  • Check your status on your transcript. There are 3 ways to see your transcript:
    • Click on Learning then View Your Transcript.
    • Click on My Training.
    • View your transcript from the k@te homepage.

Download instructions

Payment Information

Payment for the course must be submitted prior to the class or online course. CTAS does not accept cash. Please note that CTAS is unable to post grades or completion certificates for any course until we have received your payment. In addition, if you have an unpaid course fee balance from a previous month’s class, you will not be able to register for the next class session.

Credit Card Payments

Once you have added the class to the cart, the payment information should be the next step.

  • In the box, select Credit Card under Payment Method.
  • Complete the credit card payment - Please be sure to use the billing address for the credit card. This changes the Status to Registered and adds you to the roster.
  • You will receive a receipt by email in 1-2 business days.

Please call or email CTAS to request a receipt if you have not received it within 3 business days.


Check Payments

Once you have added the class to the cart, the payment information should be the next step.

  • In the box, select Invoice under Payment Method.
  • Select Next at the bottom right.
  • Select Place Order.
  • This changes the Status to Pending Payment and adds you to the roster.
  • The computer system processes invoices overnight.
  • You will receive your invoice in 1-2 business days.

Please call or email CTAS to request an invoice if you have not received it within 3 business days. Please include a copy of the invoice(s) with your check so that we may properly apply your payment to the correct participant and course.


Important Note

With our online courses, payment is required to gain access to the course.
Paying by credit card will allow immediate access to the course. If paying by check, access to the course will not be available until payment is received and processed by CTAS. We appreciate your patience while we process your check payment.