Urge the General Assembly to Enact a Private Act...to Levy an Adequate Facilities Tax

WHEREAS, _____________ County is experiencing considerable growth in population and need for services and public facilities; and,

WHEREAS, _____________ County is in need of additional revenue with which to fund its capital improvement program to meet the needs of its growing citizenry; and,

Levy a Mineral Severance Tax

WHEREAS, Tennessee Code Annotated, ยงยง 67-7-201 et seq., permits counties, upon two-thirds (2/3) vote of their respective county legislative bodies, to enact a mineral severance tax for the benefit of the county road fund to be administered by the state Department of Revenue; and,

Levy a Business Tax

WHEREAS, the General Assembly has, in Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 67-4-704, declared that counties may levy a privilege tax upon the making of sales by engaging in any vocation, occupation, business or business activity enumerated, described or referred to in Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 67-4-708(1) through (3) or the engaging in any vocation, occupation, busi