Giving to IPS & CTAS

IPS Establishes Public Service Legacy Society

Early in 2010, the Institute for Public Service established the Public Service Legacy Society to recognize individuals who have dedicated much of their life to public service and want to ensure that when they are gone their resources will continue to benefit others in a way that reflects their life’s work.  Members make a provision in their estate plans for the Institute for Public Service or one of its agencies in a variety of ways that works with them and their personal situation. Visit the Legacy Society page to find out more.

Additional Funds

Your financial support enables the Institute for Public Service (IPS) to provide extra opportunities unique to the UT public service mission. Listed below are some of the key funds supported by alumni, friends and staff of the institute.

Charles and Marie Cardwell Endowed Internship (CTAS) (Link coming soon)

Charlie Cardwell has served the citizens of Tennessee as the Trustee of Davidson County for over 20 years. This Internship will allow students attending the University of Tennessee’s Knoxville or Chattanooga campuses to have an opportunity to gain first-hand experience in county government.

Jim and Marie Murphy Endowed Scholarship (CTAS)

The Jim and Marie Murphy Endowed Scholarship will provide scholarships for children and grandchildren of County Officials Association of Tennessee (COAT) members and County Technical Assistance Service (CTAS) employees. Eligible participants may attend any UT campus including Chattanooga, Knoxville, Martin, Memphis and Tullahoma. Scholarship applications are accepted in the spring of each year. Deadlines, when they are available, are posted in the news section on the front page of this website.

Kessel Special Project Endowment (CTAS)

Named for former Knox County Executive Dwight Kessel, endowment earnings are used to hire special project consultants. The consultants provide specialized, in-depth assistance in particular areas of need. Customer needs are so varied that consultants may range from nationally recognized experts to individuals with extensive knowledge and experience of one facet of county government.

Paula Muscatello Bill Rodgers Endowment (CTAS)

Named for the late Paula Muscatello (wife of Joe Muscatello with the Tennessee Municipal Bond Fund) and the late Bill Rodgers, a consultant with the County Technical Assistance Service (CTAS), endowment earnings will fund an internship program with the Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS) and CTAS for a UT student studying public administration, finance, communications, engineering or other related fields and interested in a career in local government.